2016 Trends: What We’re Looking Forward to in Yoga

Yoga, which by no means is a new fitness program, is continuing to grow in popularity throughout the United States. And, as popularity grows, so does the number of different yoga programs that are available.

Since we know that all trends come and go on a regular basis, we thought we’d take a minute to highlight the yoga trends we’re excited for in 2016.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial, or anti-gravity, yoga utilizes a long piece of fabric in a hammock-like shape that kicks regular yoga practice up a notch. Yogis leverage the fabric so they can stretch further, while still focusing on the breathing and relaxation.

Weights with Yoga

While this practice varies in each studio the trend of adding weights, dumbbells specifically, is growing in popularity. The concept blends traditional strength training exercises with yoga poses, and allows yogis to sculpt their muscles while they tone.


Much like adding weights to yoga practice, many yogis are also adding their dogs. By incorporating their dog, yogis are able to add a natural calming effect to their yoga practice and be able to bond with their pet.


The practice of yogalates combines yoga with pilates. These sessions enhance strength, flexibility, and balance beyond that of traditional yoga.

Hot Yoga

The practice of hot yoga utilizes hot, humid conditions for increased flexibility in each individual pose. Hot yoga also adds an element of detoxification to the session, which let’s yogis flush toxins from their system.

Zebra Yoga

At Zebra, it’s part of our business to partner directly with yoga studio owners. So, we make it our business to keep up to date on the trends happening in their industry. Not only does this help us to learn more about the needs of yoga studio spaces, but it also allows us to act as a partner with studios, rather than a vendor.

Contact our team today, to learn more about what we do, discover our yoga flooring options, and to see how we can help bring these trends to life for the yogis that practice in your space.