3 Tips for Keeping Your MMA Gym Clean In The Summer

We all love summer. The warmth, the sun, the grass…the rain…the dirt…the mud. On second thought, all of the great things about summer can also wreak havoc on gyms and MMA/martial arts facilities. Just as winter comes with its own challenges, facility owners need to be prepared for the summer, as well. To keep your gym in top shape, here are several items to lookout for and be prepared for.

Dirty Feet

Who doesn’t love a barefoot run through damp, recently-rained-on grass (perhaps during a good game of Tag)? Or throwing on your flip-flops to walk down the dusty sidewalk to the Dairy Queen? Just as shoes aren’t allowed on martial arts mats, feet dirtied by grass, dust, or dripping popsicles should not be either. Give your students a reminder when the weather warms up that they should wash their feet before training. This is especially important for the under-13 crowd.

Smelly Gear and Clothing

If you’ve ever left sweaty gloves in your hot car after a particularly grueling Muay Thai session, you understand why it’s important to urge students to allow their training equipment to air out between practices. Several companies make antibacterial wipes for martial artists that are perfect for ensuring that not only is your equipment sanitary, but that it doesn’t frighten your training partners away with its stench. On the same line, remind students that they should be washing their Gis after class, not letting them sit around in hot and humid places.

Accelerated Bacteria Growth

Why is it so particularly important to air out your equipment and wash your Gi after every practice in the summer? It’s simple; warmer than normal temperatures are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The hotter it is, the faster the bacteria will grow. This means you should not only tell your students to do their part, but you should also put extra effort into mopping down mats right after class. It’s also essential to ensure that towels or lost and found items are washed or properly disposed of.


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