3 Ways You Can Increase Gym Revenue with Couples Classes

Couples that train together, stay together, right? Even if it’s not true, it’s great to have couples at your facility. Having couples at your gym also provides you with a unique opportunity to create extra events, programs, and promotions that can increase your revenue and make you gym the go-to destination for gym-going couples in town!

To help you get started, we’ve put together three “couples classes” ideas you can use in your gym.

#1: Make it a Date Night

Most couples are always looking to try new things on date nights. Why not host one at your gym? Invite couples to your gym to a fun open session on your martial arts mats. You can also encourage your members who have a partner that doesn’t train to come in and participate for a few hours, making things easier on those who have no training experience. These classes could range in intensity and could be anything from a fun workout to a yoga class, etc. You can also spice it up with drinks and appetizers after the workout, once everyone has worked up an appetite, of course.

#2: Host a Couples Challenge

This is a fun one to do at any time of the year. What challenges can you issue to the couples at your gym? Maybe it’s a series of fitness activities for both to complete each day, leading up to them earning a prize at the end of the month. Maybe it’s drills or workouts that couples can to do together. However you decide to challenge your couples, your gym members who have partners that don’t train will love to get in on these challenges, even if they are just a few yoga poses, basic fitness exercises, or beginners martial arts lessons.

#3: Offer Parents a Night Out

Not all couples have kids, but for the ones who do, offering them a chance to drop of their kids for a night out at the gym (for games and fun) will be greatly appreciated. Moms and dads need to spend time together away from their kids, and this is a great way to include non-member partners while building a sense of family at the gym.


However you decide to include couples at your facility, give them some quality equipment to train on!

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