4 Reasons Home Roll Out Mats are an Incredible Home Training Surface

At-home training becomes more popular every year. More people every year are taking their martial arts, MMA, yoga, and fitness routines home with them. Whether you still frequent the gym and just want to supplement your training or are looking to exclusively train at home, creating a home gym is an excellent way to master any technique. 

You just need to find the right training surface.

While nothing beats the quality and comfort of fully-fledged martial arts training mats, home roll-out mats are the best replacement for them when it comes to your home gym. Why? There are many reasons why they are an ideal training surface.

1. Comfort and Stability

Besides using Zebra Mats, which are installed and used in thousands of professional gyms all over the world, home roll-out mats are the most stable, comfortable, and protective training surface for your home gym. Home roll-out mats are made from a closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam that has 2.2 lbs./ft3 of density. This provides an excellent level of shock absorption and stability, exactly what is needed for any training routine. 

2. Easy to Setup and Put Away

Portability and storability are crucial to at-home training products, and Zebra Roll-Out Mats have both. These mats easily roll out onto any subfloor and can be quickly connected with roll-out mat tape. When you’re done using them, simply roll them up and put them away. Their compact size once fully rolled up allows them to be easily stored out of sight. 

Each mat measures 5ft x 10ft x 1-¼”, and you can tape together as many mats as you need depending on the size of your space. A common training space measures 10ft x 10ft, which is why many people choose to purchase a 10 x 10 Home Roll-Out Space, which includes a free roll of mat tape! 

3. Easy to Clean

The waterproof surface of home roll-out mats is waterproof, making it easy to clean with approved cleaning solutions. The waterproof surface also prevents dirt, dust, and odor-causing bacteria from penetrating the surface, which will keep them looking and smelling better, for longer. To clean your home roll-out mats, simply mop them or wipe them down with after each use and let them dry completely before rolling them up and storing them.

4. Multiple Color Options

Maybe you don’t care how your training space looks, but if you want a color to match your room or your personal style, you can choose a home roll-out mat that suits you! Zebra Home Roll-Out Mats come in several colors: black, white, gray, and championship blue. Choose a color style that works for your training space! 


Looking for home roll-out mats for your at-home training space? Everything you need is available online at the Zebra store!