4 Things Every Martial Arts Home Gym Needs

Winter weather hampering your gym routine? Looking to stay at home and train on your own or with a friend? You’ll need a solid home gym setup. Training from home can be a great way to stay in shape if you can’t (or don’t want to) hit your neighborhood martial arts or fitness facility. First, you’ll need a place to train (see this guide to choosing a room in your home to create a home gym). 

Now that you have a room selected, you’ll need to fill it with all the right stuff! Not sure what you need for your martial arts home gym? Here are four things no home gym can go without. 

#1: The Right Martial Arts Mats

What’s a martial arts home gym without martial arts mats? Choosing the correct mats is the single most important thing you can do for your home gym. But not to worry, there are many types of mats to choose between, and getting the right mats depends on the type of martial arts you practice. 

Not sure which mats are right for your home gym? Need help with choosing the right thickness, style, texture, and more? See this guide for choosing the right martial arts mats. 

Once you have your mats picked out, we also recommend investing in a martial arts mat underlayment for added protection and comfort, especially if your home gym is in a basement or garage (with concrete subflooring). 

#2: Wall Pads

Wall pads serve two purposes in a home gym. First, they protect you and anyone else you’re training with, especially if your home gym space has concrete walls. Wall pads provide ample protection not only for striking, but for the grappling-heavy training involved in MMA, BJJ, and judo. Even if your walls aren’t made from head-busting concrete, wall pads are still an essential part of your home gym. Why? Because your body will blow right through the drywall in your home. Any errant head, elbow, knee, or fist is enough to punch through a wall. Wall pads not only protect you, they help protect your home from you and your training mates. 

#3: Bags and Racks

If you’re into MMA, Taekwondo, Muay Thai,  or any striking art, you’ll need a decent bag setup to train with. There are many training bag styles to choose from: heavy, muay thai, teardrop, wrecking ball. What you need depends on what type of bag training you do on a daily basis. Choose a bag, decide what kind of bag rack you need, then set it up in your home gym to get going! Need help with mounting your martial arts bags? Follow this guide. 

#4: Your Own Personal Style

It’s your home gym, so make it your own. Add some flavor, some character, and take the time to create a place where you want to go and train every day. Add color, hang some decorations or inspiration, mount a speaker or some fun lights. There’s no reason to build a home gym unless you have fun doing it. Get in there and create the space where you want to train. 


Need some help with your home gym? It’s our pleasure to assist you. Get in touch with one of our friendly customer support specialists and they will assist you with choosing the right products, ordering, installation tips and more!