4 Things That Can Damage Your Martial Arts Mats

The martial arts mats you choose for your facility are more than an awesome place to train. They are an investment for your business that you will want to keep in great shape for as long as possible. Not only will keeping your training mats in great shape extend their lifespan, getting you the most out of the money you spend on them, they will also keep your students happy and safe while training. You don’t want your facility looking run down after only a few years’ time. 

What’s the best way to avoid damaging your mats? 

#1: Avoid Using Gym Equipment on Them

While using some light fitness equipment (medicine balls, slam balls, rounded kettle bells, and sand weights) is okay, any sharp or overly heavy free weights, dumbbells, and other weights can puncture the vinyl covering on your martial arts mats. You should also avoid putting weight machines, squat bars, benches, and other heavy equipment on the mats. 

If you are looking for a good fitness flooring option for a workout portion of your facility, go with rolled rubber flooring or puzzle tiles. 

#2: Avoid Sneakers

While walking on your martial arts mats with sneakers on won’t outright damage them, they can cause some issues. For one, sneakers can scuff the vinyl covering of the mats, which can be hard to get out and will void the warranty. Second, sneakers can carry dirt and debris with them, which will soil your mats. This debris, which can include small pebbles, can also puncture the vinyl covering. In general, it’s best to always take your shoes off before stepping on your martial arts mats. 

#3: Improper Installation

Install your mats on a clean, level, and properly prepared subfloor. Working with a floor that is not properly prepared is not only dangerous for your mats, it also makes them dangerous to train on. If anything is caught underneath the mats, it can puncture the bottom and pose a threat to athletes. Improper installation can also add additional wear and tear on your mats, which can reduce their lifespan. 

For more information on how to install your mats properly, follow our mat installation instructions. 

#4: Using the Wrong Type of Cleaner

You should only use approved cleaners on your martial arts mats. Anything else has the potential to stain or damage them at worst. At best, they will wear your mats down over time. Cleaners that are abrasive or contain bleach should also not be used. Always dilute your mat cleaner before use. 

For more information as to what should and should not be in your mat cleaner, see this quick guide. For more information on cleaning your mats, follow these instructions.