4 Things You Need for a Soothing Home Yoga Studio

Designing a home yoga studio is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do you get a great place to train right in your own home, but you also get to make it your own! 

When designing a home space for your yoga practice, first ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with your home yoga studio design. If calmness and stress relief is one of the things you want out of your practice space, these are the four things you will want to consider. 

#1: A Separate Yoga Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their home gym spaces is not carving out a separate space in their home. While this isn’t possible for everyone, depending on their living situation, it is highly recommended. If you have spare space in your basement, garage, or anywhere else, make it your own personal yoga space. This allows you to completely remove yourself from everything else while you practice, putting you in the best frame of mind possible. 

If you must share the space, do your best to separate the space as much as possible from everything else in the room, both from a design and function standpoint. The more you separate the space, the better your practice will be. 

#2: The Right Practice Flooring

The flooring you put in your personal yoga space is the most important part of your design. It determines the overall look as well as how you practice, which is why we recommend foam yoga tiles. This type of flooring is unique because it creates a comfortable, long-lasting flooring that can be placed right on top of your existing subfloor, no professional installation required! Foam yoga tiles are easy to use, easy to clean, and give you the confidence to try new poses, all while bringing you peace of mind during your yoga practice. 

#3: Something for All Your Senses

Set the mood in your home yoga space by invigorating all your senses. Choose a color palette that is both relaxing and personal to you. Set the lighting so that you achieve the right ambiance based on what your goals are with your yoga practice. Are you looking for inspiration, invigoration, or relaxation? You can also set the mood with music, sounds, or anything else that is pleasing to your ears. Finally, finish off the room with any scents that you love. Try to activate any and all senses with things that you find soothing. 

#4 Helpful Yoga Accessories

Make the space truly unique to you by complementing it with these accessories: 

  • Mirrors: to help you work on your form 
  • Decorative art 
  • Plants 
  • Crystals/gemstones 
  • Yoga blocks, mats, straps, and anything else you need for your practice 


It’s your yoga space. Make it personal to you! When you need flooring, check out our Yoga and Fitness Tile Options!