The 4 Types of Profitable Gym Memberships

There are four basic membership structures that martial arts and MMA facilities deal with. Each has its pros and cons, and each can be effectively implemented.

If you are considering offering a membership at your MMA facility, here are a few options you can choose to offer.

Pay as you Go (PAYG)

PAYG is more of a “user fee” than a membership. It enables consumers to walk into your facility, pay a flat fee and participate in a class or session.

The main advantage is that it’s an easy sell. The downfall, however, is that there is really no commitment from the student. PAYG can be a nice customer acquisition strategy to bring people into your facility and then move them into a more profitable structure.

Session, Visit or Class Packages

This allows a number of members to purchase a group of sessions over time. You should put time limits and expirations on these packages.

This type of structure is often popular with personal trainers, specialized fitness classes or in yoga studios. The packages are often structured to help the student reach certain fitness levels or milestones.

Open Memberships

This is basically a month-to-month membership. These memberships typically have no expiration date but require members to give advance notice (typically 30 or 60 days) if they decide to cancel or stop coming.

Open Memberships don’t require long-term commitments, making them easier to sell.

Term Memberships

Student sign on for a specific period of time, usually six months or a year. The advantage is that you have a strong commitment from the student to attend class over a set term. This provides consistent monthly revenue. It also benefits the truly committed student as they really become involved with your facility and typically get a “discount” for their commitment.

What’s Best for Your Gym?

Whether you offer just one or all four of these memberships, your true success will rely on providing your students great customer service and delivering value! It’s critical that you can be very good at both acquiring new students and delivering excellent training to existing students at the same time.