4 Uses for Landing Mats in Your Facility

Landing mats, sometimes known as crash pads, are a great addition to any martial arts gym. Landing mats come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths, allowing you to choose the one that’s right for your facility.  

How do you know which size landing mat is right for your training, students, and facility? That depends on how you plan on using them. 

For Throws

For those gyms that practice Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and other similar martial arts, throws are a significant portion of training. However, it can be hard on the body and joints to practice throws on regular martial arts mats. Landing mats offer an easy solution to this predicament. A folding landing mat can be placed off to the side with other equipment, and taken out when needed, saving precious mat space. Having a landing mat will also allow your members to practice throws more frequently than they might otherwise. Throws require a thicker landing mat, preferably at least 8” thick.  

For Takedowns

Jiu Jitsu gyms, wrestling clubs, and Muay Thai facilities can benefit from using landing mats. Takedowns are a staple of grappling and wrestling but can be difficult to practice consistently on regular mats.  Muay Thai gyms can use landing mats to practice trips, as well. This will also allow athletes who train jiu jitsu and wrestling to try out more complicated takedowns and throws, which are usually not a huge part of takedown training. For these martial arts, the landing mat does not need to be quite as thick; a 4”– 6” landing mat will work well. 

For Flying Kicks

For stand-up martial arts, landing mats can provide a safe surface for practicing more complicated kicks. Since these martial arts tend to have mats that are less thick, a landing mat is a great addition to the facility. Even a 4” landing mat provides a safer surface for practicing jumping, spinning, and flying kicks. As a large percentage of traditional martial arts students are children and teens, it makes sense to allow them to practice these skills on a softer surface to prevent injury. 

For Play

This great reason to have a landing mat in your gym applies to every type of martial arts. Children who are enrolled in martial arts classes love training, but they also love to play. Playing is a great way to do warm-ups, or a cardio portion at the end of class. A landing mat allows for easy tumbling and jumping. 4” landing mats are more than thick enough for this kind of activity.  


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