5 Things to Know About Zebra Product Shipping

Ordering martial arts mats, especially in bulk for a facility, is not like purchasing something at a normal online retailer. These items are large, bulky, and heavy, measuring about 2 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 78.75″), or about 21.5 square feet. Depending on the thickness of the mat you order (1”, 1.5”, or 2”), each mat will weigh anywhere from 30lbs to nearly 60lbs. Other Zebra training products, like heavy bags and wall pads, are also just as bulky and heavy to ship. As a result, most of these items need to be sent via freight. The long and short of it is, these items cannot be simply placed into a box and sent via USPS small parcel. 

At Zebra, we want the process of renovating or building your gym to be as transparent and easy as possible. We want you to know how and when your products are sent, and when you can expect them. This is vital as you may be contracting out help for installation or other services, or have set an opening date for your facility.   

Our order and shipping processes are straightforward, but they are different than what most people are used to. That’s why we are here to clear up any questions you have. You can always contact our Customer Support line with any questions, (or email or chat us) but here’s a quick Zebra shipping guide to help you understand what that process is like. 

#1: When Will Orders Ship?

Most orders are typically entered and processed within one business day. We work with a third party logistics company (3PL), and orders are sent to their warehouse once a day by late afternoon, after processing has occurred in mid-afternoon. After your order is received by the warehouse, it will be packed and shipped within 2-3 business days, provided the items are not on backorder. Keep in mind that Zebra Mats are made in Germany, and many of our other products are made overseas. Most of these products are sent to our warehouse in shipping containers via sea, and shipping delays of incoming products can impact this time frame as well. The only orders that take longer to ship are those that require customization. These can include: 

  • Custom cut mat and wall pad sizes 
  • Custom color options 
  • Logo, image, and graphic printing 
  • Custom pole, I-beam, or corner pads 

If there is any delay in fulfilling or shipping your order (due to weather delays, supply chain issues, or transit complications), our Customer Support team will reach out to you to provide you with the best estimated ship date. Keep in mind that this date is when the products are estimated to ship from our warehouse. It is not an estimated delivery date. 

#2: How Long Does Shipping Take?

Once your order ships, you will be provided with tracking information. Tracking is not sent immediately. The shipment is scanned, the carrier picks up the shipment, and then tracking is sent to you within one business day. 

The actual shipping time (time in transit from our warehouse to your door) can vary greatly depending on what you ordered and where you live. Shipments sent freight are put on a truck with several other orders and do not go direct to you. This means that your order has likely made multiple stops at terminals along the way. The truck carrying your shipment delivers your order to the trucking company’s terminal that is nearest your location. This is a large warehouse that contains local orders of many different products from many different companies all over the world. Once your order has arrived at your local terminal, you will be contacted by the terminal to set up a delivery appointment window to have the items delivered to your facility. If you see your shipment has arrived at the terminal but do not receive a call, you can find information to contact the terminal on the carrier’s website where you tracked your order. Typical shipping times range from 3-7 business days, but orders shipped via freight, as many Zebra products are, can require 7-10 days pending no further delays. We partner with reliable carriers and will keep you up to date on where your order is and when you can expect to receive it. 

Please note: the current global supply chain is in a volatile state. This is not exclusive to Zebra or the carriers we partner with. Unforeseen delays can occur for any number of reasons, including staffing shortages, delays in ocean vessels, trains, or trucks, severe weather, or manufacturing disruptions. Some shipping times may extend beyond their estimated arrival dates. 

#3: Where Do We Ship To?

Shipping is available to all U.S. states, territories, etc. We also ship to countries all over the world, except for Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Venezuela. We are also unable to ship to P.O Boxes, Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices, or the continent of Antarctica. Please keep in mind that carriers may suspend shipping to certain areas due to severe weather conditions or other events. 

#4: Can You Make Changes to Your Order?

Yes, you can absolutely make changes to your order, including changing what you ordered, where it is delivered, and any delivery instructions, or even cancel the order altogether. However, due to the nature of shipping most Zebra products, there is a time limit for changes. All orders must be changed or cancelled before the item has been packed and picked up by a carrier. If you’ve placed an order with custom printing or manufacturing, you may only cancel your order if product on those products has not yet begun. Once the carrier picks up the order, you can still cancel, but there will be a cancellation fee. 

#5: What If Items Are Damaged?

Most items arrive in the same condition as we send them; however, certain events can lead to items becoming damaged while in transit.  

Since all shipments make multiple stops, when the truck arrives at your facility with your order, it’s imperative that you take the time to immediately inspect your items for damage and count all items to ensure nothing is missing. You should not sign anything until you’ve done so. If any issues are found, they must be notated on the driver’s copy of the delivery receipt. By law, all consignees are allowed time to inspect shipments; if the carrier does not allow inspection, simply notate that on the driver’s copy of the receipt. You should be given a proof of delivery document to sign. It is important to inspect your items when they are delivered and BEFORE you sign for them. If you notice damage, there are very important steps and specific steps to take: 

  1. DO NOT sign anything. Signing means that you accept the items as they are from the carrier. If you are in a position to REFUSE the shipment, you should refuse the order if there is significant damage. 
  2. Take pictures of your shipment in the truck, your shipment being unloaded, and all the damage to the products 
  3. Document the damage by noting “DAMAGE” on the driver’s copy of the delivery receipt. 
  4. Once all steps have been completed, you can sign the delivery receipt. This does not mean that you accept the items and are stuck with them. The damage has now been documented and recorded. 
  5. After you have accepted the items, get in touch with us to file a freight claim (email Support@zebraathletics.com). This must be completed within THREE business days. 

If you experience any difficulties with a carrier, immediately reach out to our Customer Support team at 1-800-989-8085. 

Still Have Questions?

For more information on our order process, installation, or any other questions, check out our FAQ page or our delivery process page.