5 Training Products That’ll Take Your Home Gym to the Next Level

Looking to carve out a space in your home to build your own personal training space? Struggling to take your home gym training to the next level? Whether you practice boxing, general fitness, MMA, or any grappling or striking martial arts, having the right training products for your home gym makes all the difference. 

The best part about having your own home gym is the ability to make it anything you want. Want to focus on groundwork? You can make a grappling-oriented space. Prefer to work on punching combinations? You can make a space that is geared towards bag training. No matter what you want your home gym to be, there are certain products your home gym just can’t do without. Here are the top categories of products you should be looking to add to your home gym space. 

#1: Flooring that Fits Your Training Style

The right flooring is the most important part of any home gym. Training on carpet, concrete or any other home flooring surface just won’t cut it, no matter what you train and how. There are two main types of flooring to choose between: mats and rubber flooring. If you are simply training fitness or weights, rolled rubber flooring or rubber puzzle tiles are exactly what you need. If you practice martial arts or MMA, getting the right mats will allow you to train effectively based on how much groundwork you do versus striking. 

For help choosing the right martial arts mats for your home gym, see this guide. 

#2: The Right Training Bag or Bags

Not all training bags are created equal. Each bag is designed for a particular style of training, and these small design differences help you get the most out of your training. Learning to select the right bag style based on your training discipline will give you a better home gym. There are several styles of punching bags to choose between: 

  • Heavy bags: perfect for stand-up striking, such as punches and elbows, and most high kicks. 
  • Teardrop bags: ideal for body shots, knees, uppercut punches, high kicks and jumping kicks. 
  • Wrecking ball bag: ideal for jabs, hooks and uppercuts. 
  • Muay thai bags: for muay thai training that includes punches, elbows, and knee strikes. 
  • Uppercut bags: can be adjusted to multiple heights for uppercut training at various levels. 

#3: Landing Mats

Landing mats, or throw mats, are easy to throw down and equally easy to store when not in use. These skill cushions provide added protection for more advanced training and skills. They protect against falls, slams, takedowns, and the heaviest groundwork in your training. Best of all, they come in multiple thicknesses, allowing you to select the right thickness based on your training needs. There are 4”, 6”, 8”, and 12” variations. See all Zebra Landing Mat options here. 

#4: Wall Pads

Wall padding is important for two key reasons. First, it protects you from injury should you come in contact with the walls while training. Second, wall padding also protects your walls. If you have a home gym space set up in an area with drywall, they will prevent you from damaging the walls behind them. The added benefit: they also make your home gym look complete, professional, and ready for action at all times. See wall padding options here. 

#5: Cleaning Products

It’s your home gym space, so you’ll need the products to keep it clean, fresh, and smelling great. Care and maintenance of your training products also helps extend their life, meaning you’ll get more years of training out of the investment you make. What do you need to properly maintain your home gym space? There are a few keys things you can’t live without: 

  1. Mat cleaner: for cleaning sweat, stains, and the occasional blood drops 
  2. Protective spray: to eliminate odors and keep the gym smelling fresh 
  3. A quality mat mop 

What else do you need for your home gym? While these are the essentials, there are plenty of other home gym products that will make your place the best home training experience possible. Shop for everything you need at Zebra Athletics today!