Tactical Training Concepts and the Equipment You Need for Your Facility

By Brent “Trig” Peters

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Combatives Instructor and Criminal Justice Major, I’ve had the opportunity to train with several highly-skilled martial arts and self-defense practitioners. Throughout that time, curious minds always seemed to debate which disciplines are most effective in dealing with erratic and often reckless behavior.


Selling Tickets: Fighting on the Local Circuit

By Kaitlin Young

I get it, it’s annoying. It takes away from your final preparation and everyone seems to need them the day or two before your fight, as you are trying to cut weight. You are the fighter. It’s your job to fight. Shouldn’t it be the promoter’s job to sell the tickets? Well, yes, it is. It is also their job to book the fights. If booking certain fights makes the job of selling tickets easier, there is great incentive to do just that.


Should You Install Your Martial Arts Mats or Have it Professionally Done?

When purchasing martial arts mats and other equipment for your facility, you have a big choice to make: install it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. While most Zebra customers install their own equipment – it’s not very hard – some choose to hire our team (or another) to do it for them.

Here are a few things to consider when making this decision:


The Biggest Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu Training

By: Elisabeth Clay

Let me tell you about some of the biggest benefits I have found in training jiu-jitsu. To start off, I would like to say that, obviously, I do more than just train jiu-jitsu. It is my entire life and my world revolves around it. It’s how I make money, what I do for fun, my friends are there, it all revolves around jiu-jitsu.

I would also like to say that I wouldn’t want it any other way.


How to Increase Attendance at Your Martial Arts Facility

No matter which martial art you practice – from BJJ to taekwondo – your facility can (and should) be considered a business, which means increasing the number of students you have is a primary concern. While most martial arts facility owners are great teachers, not all of them know the best practices for attracting and retaining students. Being a great teacher can take you far in increasing attendance, but here are a few ideas that can help increase your membership numbers even more:


Co-ed Martial Arts Training: Can it Be Done?

By Kaitlin Young

I’m going to preface this entire piece with the disclaimer that I will be making some generalizations throughout. These are based on my experiences in combat sports and with human beings in my 33 years of life. If you find them offensive, be the change you’d like to see in the world.

With more women joining combat sports and the professional sport of MMA, the gyms in the U.S. in particular are becoming more of a co-ed space than they’ve ever been. This in and of itself isn’t a problem provided the dynamic between the two is managed in a productive way. This is something I feel our team does as well as or better than any other I’ve witnessed, and as such, I feel emboldened to preach a bit. Please indulge me and lend me your ears (eyes) for a moment.


5 Things You Need to Open a Yoga Studio (That No One Talks About)

So, you’ve decided to open your first yoga studio. Odds are you’ve been given a lot of advice, most of which falls into one of the following buckets: 

1. Surprisingly insightful
2. Terribly obvious
3. Completely unhelpful 

Let’s be real about it, it’s fun and exciting to focus on designing the space and finding all the products you’ll need: yoga mats, blocks, towels, decorations, etc., but there are a few things you’ll need to successfully open and run your own yoga studio that people don’t talk about as often.


The Hardest Part of Being an Athlete: Missing My Family

By Elisabeth Clay

Sometimes you have to do things that are hard. I’ve talked about this before but I still think it’s important for me to touch on it again, especially because I’m super homesick and need to talk about it. It’s also important for people to see that it’s not all sunshine and roses; it’s not all easy and perfect, nor will it ever be. But that is the case with everything; nothing is ever going to be perfect no matter what you choose to do in this life. That is something my mother taught me and I will forever love her for it.