How to Become a Yoga Instructor

For many yoga studio owners, the path to getting where they are today began with becoming an instructor. And, when many of them started out, they may not have realized exactly what all it takes to become a yoga instructor.

Discovering the Passion

Many aspiring instructors don’t just wake up one day and decide they’re going to teach yoga for a living. It often starts with a realization that they have a true passion for all things yoga.

This includes practicing different types of yoga, or at least trying many of the different types of yoga once or twice, while being committed to one or more favorites. Whether this is Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Restorative, or one of the many other types, chances are you’ve given them a try or practice them on a regular basis.

You’re also likely a “yoga junkie”. Meaning, you frequent as many yoga class sessions as you can fit into your schedule (and maybe even plan your schedule according to the classes you’re wanting to participate in).

No matter the kind of passion you have for yoga, it’s there, you’re acutely aware of it, and you decide you want to act on it.

Getting your Education

Once you’ve reached this step, and decided to become an instructor, the next course of action is to determine how to do this.

Many yoga studios or franchises offer training courses for aspiring instructors that will teach at one of their locations upon the completion of the training. These courses can be anywhere from a few sessions to a few hundred hours depending on the requirements of each individual studio.

If you don’t already have a studio where you’ll want to teach, many technical colleges have programs for aspiring instructors.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Teaching yoga and practicing yoga can be two very different things. Which is why it’s important to practice teaching yoga long before you have your own sessions at a studio. By practicing with friends and family, especially if they’re beginners, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how to communicate the poses and the transitions from one pose to another.

Connecting for the Future

Once you become an instructor, you’ll never be alone on your journey. When you partner with Zebra, our team will be with you every step of the way. Whether that’s to help you get set up with supplies for your first teaching session, or setting up your own studio with custom yoga flooring. Our team will be here to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to learn more about our partnerships.