The Top 10 Jiu-Jitsu Instagram Accounts, As We See It.

By: Nick Bez

Let’s be upfront about this: everything that follows is opinion, as there is no currently held international standard for ranking or otherwise rating Instagram accounts — we seriously just clarified that, insert eye-roll.

From there, let’s get started on a tour of our Top 10 Undisputed, Don’t Run from the Truth, “do you even roll, bro?” Jiu-Jitsu Instagram Accounts.


Some Things My Mother Taught Me

By Elisabeth Clay

My mother always taught me not to be mediocre. She didn’t care what my siblings or I wanted to do, as long as it was done to the very best of our ability — well, other than football or cheerleading. Those were the two sports we were not allowed to do. But back to what’s important; she never pushed us towards or made us compete in any sport. A lot of people, when I was younger at least, seemed to think my mother was making me do it, or something crazy like that.


Tactical Training Concepts and the Equipment You Need for Your Facility

By Brent “Trig” Peters

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Combatives Instructor and Criminal Justice Major, I’ve had the opportunity to train with several highly-skilled martial arts and self-defense practitioners. Throughout that time, curious minds always seemed to debate which disciplines are most effective in dealing with erratic and often reckless behavior.


Selling Tickets: Fighting on the Local Circuit

By Kaitlin Young

I get it, it’s annoying. It takes away from your final preparation and everyone seems to need them the day or two before your fight, as you are trying to cut weight. You are the fighter. It’s your job to fight. Shouldn’t it be the promoter’s job to sell the tickets? Well, yes, it is. It is also their job to book the fights. If booking certain fights makes the job of selling tickets easier, there is great incentive to do just that.