Can You Use Puzzle Mats for Yoga? Our Flooring Experts Weight In

When people talk about yoga flooring options, we hear about the usual suspects: wood, bamboo, foam yoga tiles, even carpet. What people don’t often talk about are puzzle mats—a simple, affordable, and easy-to-install yoga flooring for studios and home spaces. 

Aren’t Puzzle Mats for Children’s Rooms?

Sure, but they are used for so much more than play mats for kids. Puzzle mats are used by professional gyms, yoga studios, and even martial arts dojos as a suitable flooring solution. Puzzle mats may not be the best option, but if you are working on a budget, they can be an incredible surface for any yoga practice. 

What are the benefits of using puzzle mats as yoga flooring? 

Puzzle Mats Offer a Great Combination of Protection and Stability

Zebra Puzzle Mats are made from an extra durable, dual density EVA foam (Inner: 4 lbs. per cu. ft./Outer: 6 lbs. per cu. ft.). This sounds like a lot of fancy talk, but what it basically means is that our puzzle tiles are soft enough to cushion you while you practice and protect you should you fall. At the same time, they don’t feel squishy or mushy like some padded flooring surfaces. Instead, they provide a gently firm surface that supports your hands and feet as you practice even more challenging poses. 

They even hold onto yoga mats well, preventing them from slipping around as you move. 

Puzzle Mats are Waterproof and a Breeze to Clean

Yoga = sweat. This much is certain. Even if you’re not cranking up the heat while you practice, many people still perspire, at least a bit. This means you’ll be dripping sweat onto your yoga mat and the flooring underneath it. That means you’ll want a waterproof surface that won’t absorb those sweat droplets, which always leads to some unpleasant odors after a while. 

The surface of Zebra Puzzle Mats is waterproof. It won’t suck in water or sweat, so you’ll practice with confidence knowing that they will be easy to wipe down and sanitize after use. Simply wipe them down and let them dry. 

Puzzle Mats are Easy to Set up and Can Even Be Stored!

Carpet and wood flooring take time, tools, and skills to install. And once they’re down, they’re down. Puzzle Mats feature a simple interlocking system that makes them easy for DIY installation. You can even break them down and store them away by stacking them, just in case you need to use your yoga space for something else. 

Zebra Yoga Puzzle Mats Come in Multiple Colors

We offer a variety of color options in our Puzzle Mats. Each Puzzle Mat is reversible, giving you two color options to choose from. Our double-sided color options include: 

  • Black/Gray 
  • Black/Red 
  • Black/Woodgrain 
  • Red/Blue 

When You Shouldn’t Use Puzzle Mats for Yoga

Puzzle Mats aren’t the right solution for all types of Yoga. If you practice “hot yoga” styles like Bikram, it’s better to go for a more climate stable flooring solution, like Zebra Yoga Tiles. These foam tiles won’t buckle or warp under extreme temperature changes.  

Puzzle Mats aren’t for everyone, but they can be the perfect flooring option for your yoga space!