Tactical Training Concepts and the Equipment You Need for Your Facility

By Brent “Trig” Peters

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Combatives Instructor and Criminal Justice Major, I’ve had the opportunity to train with several highly-skilled martial arts and self-defense practitioners. Throughout that time, curious minds always seemed to debate which disciplines are most effective in dealing with erratic and often reckless behavior.


How to Increase Attendance at Your Martial Arts Facility

No matter which martial art you practice – from BJJ to taekwondo – your facility can (and should) be considered a business, which means increasing the number of students you have is a primary concern. While most martial arts facility owners are great teachers, not all of them know the best practices for attracting and retaining students. Being a great teacher can take you far in increasing attendance, but here are a few ideas that can help increase your membership numbers even more:


The Pros and Cons of the Top Yoga Flooring Options

Wabi-sabi, the art of embracing imperfection, dictates that “nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.” The same can be said about your yoga studio; it will forever be a work in progress. Whether you have recently purchased a studio or are looking to remodel, you’ll eventually come to the realization that no yoga flooring lasts forever, and no yoga flooring is perfect, but that doesn’t mean some options aren’t better than others. You can embrace the imperfections of our yoga studio flooring while simultaneously having the best yoga flooring possible.

Which yoga flooring should you choose? To help you, here are a few positives and negatives about each option.


Keep Your Facility Clean in 2018

Whether it’s the start of the New Year and your facility is experiencing a surge of new students or it’s one of the lazy days of summer, cleanliness counts!  Consistent and proper cleaning of your flooring, wall pads and other training equipment not only helps protect the health of you and your students, it also extends the life and the look of your equipment and facility and, possibly even more important, it can be the difference between a new student becoming a regular or becoming a memory. 


Don’t Let Your Small Business Have a Small Voice

One of the challenges of owning or operating a small business is not allowing your message to become lost in the noise surrounding your potential customers. As we approach the holiday season this will be even more difficult. Here are some ideas that may help you get your message and ideas through to your clients and potential clients in order to keep your pipeline full.


Exclusive Interview with IBJJF Champion Caio Terra

Hailing all the way from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Caio Terra is a leading BJJ rooster weight. He is also the owner and head instructor of the Caio Terra Academy. We recently partnered with the Caio Terra Academy in San Jose, California, outfitting the facility with our martial arts mats and custom-printed wall mats.

Zebra owner and CEO, Chuck Blanski sat down with Caio at his academy to talk about how he got into Jiu Jitsu, his facility and what his plans are for the future.


Yoga Studio Spotlight: The Hot Yoga Factory

A person’s yoga practice is a transformational journey, and owning a yoga studio is a similar experience. Over the years your studio will change, and it’s our job here at Zebra to ensure that it changes for the better.

There is no greater example of this change than one of our most recent clients: The Hot Yoga Factory in Chelmsford, MA. Formerly known as Bikram Yoga Chelmsford, The Hot Yoga Factory came to us looking for fresh new look for their studio.


What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your MMA Facility

Less than two weeks until the official start of Spring! But don’t wait until the spring cleaning season to start keeping your equipment clean. This is something that all facility owners and managers should be on top of at all times.

Properly cleaning your training equipment will not only protect you and your students from illness, it can extend the life of your MMA mats and will make your facility a place where people want to train. When it comes to running a business, image, particularly first impressions, is a huge component to growing and maintaining sales.

Make sure your facility is a clean, healthy and safe place to train by following these tips.


How to Properly Manage Your Trainers

How are you managing your staff, specifically your trainers and instructors?

It is important that you don’t rely too much on one top-notch trainer. Any service-oriented business runs the risk of relying too much on the personality or skills of one person. It might be a restaurant with a strong head chef, it could be a church with a dynamic minister, or it could be your gym with one top trainer. You need to rely on ALL of your trainers.