How to Protect Your Martial Arts Mats Investment

You’ve made one of the biggest investments in your gym — quality martial arts mats. When treated right, Zebra mats can last you 15 – 20 years. We’ve done everything on our end to make sure that your mats are the very best in the industry. What, then, can you do on your end to protect your investment? When it comes to protecting your mats, the little things go a long way.


What Are the Best Marital Arts Mats for Judo Facilities?

For judo facilities owners who want the best for their students, finding the right mats for their facility is everything. As a martial art that focuses so heavily on throws and takedowns, judo requires more protection than that offered by standard rubber mats. The best mats for judo facilities will have sufficient padding, all while providing a slightly firm surface to help practitioners maneuver easily while sparring.


Should You Install Your Martial Arts Mats or Have it Professionally Done?

When purchasing martial arts mats and other equipment for your facility, you have a big choice to make: install it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. While most Zebra customers install their own equipment – it’s not very hard – some choose to hire our team (or another) to do it for them.

Here are a few things to consider when making this decision:


Elisabeth Clay: Does The Spirit of a Warrior Travel Through Family Lines?

The definition of Spirit Warrior is something or someone, who is not of the physical world, who faces conflict. I like to think that the spirit of a warrior is not defined as how tough the person looks or how menacing they may be, but how they approach a challenge and how they choose to conquer it. That is just my personal opinion. It’s also how I try to see the challenges of my life; whether they are tough competitions or something more personal.


How to Keep Your New White MMA Mats White

More than 10 years ago, we bucked the status quo in the MMA industry by offering two new MMA mat colors: black and gray. Despite manufacturers insisting that red, green and blue were the most popular colors in the industry, our research showed that trainers and coaches wanted something new. Years later, they still remain two of our best-selling color options.


Marketing Mixed Martial Arts to Millennials

Today’s youth is a highly desirable group, yet it can be a challenging martial arts demographic to reach effectively.

Determining how your brand can connect with a younger generation is a complicated process. The road to relevance with millennials can be confusing because tried and true marketing concepts may not hold true. But this is a HUGE group of potential long-term customers that every facility owner needs to reach.

Here are a few myths that might help you better understand and connect with today’s youth: