Nick Bez’s Top 4 Tips for Keeping New Yoga Students in the New Year!

By Nick Bez

Known across the country as a “yoga instigator & community connector,” I’ve spent a decade getting involved in every nook and cranny of the yoga industry I’ve been able to find.  From managing studios and programming for CorePower Yoga and Life Time Fitness and presenting at national conferences, to co-owning a studio with my wife and traveling as a program consultant, I noticed pretty quickly that no matter where in the world you are, the New Year brings a surge of new students.  I’ve also noticed a lot of studios leaving the opportunity to be of greater service and capture greater revenue to chance each and every January.  Let’s fix that!


Fight The Causes and Effects of Strokes with Yoga!

Strokes are one of the leading causes of death in the US, and those who survive are often left feeling weak, vulnerable and exceptionally aware of the frailty of the human body. The post-state of having a stroke is a much a mental battle as it is physical. Studies have found that up to 25% of patients who have recently suffered a stroke also exhibit signs of depression within two years.


Renew You: Tips to Reboot Your Yoga Practice This Fall

Come Fall, two things are certain – pumpkin-spice everything, and visual signs of change.  The leaves, the weather, school and sport schedules, it’s all changing, we’ve even pulled the sweaters out!  Beach season is officially over, and we’re beginning to think about indoor activities.  Plus, holidays are on the way – that’s often a hard time to stay active, let alone start a new activity.  So where others might see an opportunity to head inside and simply hibernate we think it all adds up to this being the perfect moment to reboot and reconnect to your yoga practice!


Yoga Studio Spotlight: The Hot Yoga Factory

A person’s yoga practice is a transformational journey, and owning a yoga studio is a similar experience. Over the years your studio will change, and it’s our job here at Zebra to ensure that it changes for the better.

There is no greater example of this change than one of our most recent clients: The Hot Yoga Factory in Chelmsford, MA. Formerly known as Bikram Yoga Chelmsford, The Hot Yoga Factory came to us looking for fresh new look for their studio.


Hip-Opening Yoga Poses for Cyclists

With the Tour de France in full swing this month, we are focusing on the many benefits that yoga can bring to cyclists. From added flexibility and strength to the cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, there are many reasons why cyclists experience increases in their performance and stamina when they incorporate yoga before and after they set out on a ride.


Share the Love on Valentine’s Day with Partner or Acro-Yoga!

Are you looking to explore your yoga practice from a different angle? Or perhaps you’re hoping to do something more than dinner and a movie on Valentine’s Day? If so, partner, or acro-yoga, is for you, and the Valentine’s ‘season’ presents the perfect opportunity to try it out with a friend or significant other.

Chances are good that this time of year, and no matter where you live, there is a studio or two in your area that is offering a partner or acro-yoga workshop that will match your experience level – even if you have you don’t have any!