Choosing the Right Wall Pads for Your Gym or Facility

Wall pads are an essential part of any fitness or martial arts gym. Even if you are creating a home gym, you’ll need wall pads both to protect yourself and your walls. Gym wall padding is simple to install and provides ample protection at an affordable price, but what type of wall pads do you need for your space? 

If you are setting up a gym at home or in a commercial space, this is what you need to know about choosing the right wall padding. 

4-Foot vs. 6-Foot Wall Mats

There are two major types of wall mats: 4’ and 6’. While 6-foot wall pads are more common, some gyms decide to go with the shorter of the two options (4-foot wall pads). All wall pads, regardless of height, are two feet in width, so take this into consideration when measuring your space to determine how many wall pads you will need. 

When choosing a wall pad height, consider the clientele you are working with. If you have a home gym, consider who will be using it. Smaller (4-foot) wall pads are ideal for martial arts and fitness programs geared for children, but 6-foot wall pads can be used with children and adults of any age or size. 

Measuring for Wall Pads

To measure for wall padding in your room, you will need to measure the length of each wall individually, recording your measurements for each wall. Take each individual wall measurement and then divide them by two (rounding up), this will give you the number of wall pads you will need for your space. Keep in mind that custom wall pads can be manufactured for awkward spaces, corners, etc., so reach out to a ZEBRA Athletics representative to place a custom order for your gym. 

See this guide for how to measure your space and account for windows and doors. 

Fire Safety

All Zebra Wall Pads pass the ASTM-E84 Surface Burning Characteristics of Fire Rated Wall and Edge Protective Padding, which are required by most cities, government and healthcare facilities, and military facilities. If you are working with local building codes that require this, these wall mats will meet your needs perfectly. 

Do You Need Pole Pads or Column Pads?

If you have support columns or poles in your training space, do not neglect to cover them up. Columns and poles can be just as dangerous to athletes as exposed walls, sometimes even more dangerous because collisions with them are more forceful than hitting a wall (which distributes the impact of the collision over a wider surface area). 

Pole pads and column pads are available at our online store and can be ordered via phone. 

Choosing the Right Colors

This choice is on you! What color best matches your training space? You can choose from multiple wall pad colors that include black, white, gray, red, blue, yellow, and green. Make a choice that suits your personal preference and get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding your space.