Choosing the Right Martial Arts Home Gym Mats

Thinking of setting up the perfect home gym for MMA or martial arts training? Zebra has everything you need to build your dream home gym! With our products, you can train at home on the best mats the market has to offer, and our versatile products make sure you get the most out of your investment.  

Zebra’s At Home line of martial arts products are made from professional grade materials, are of outstanding quality, and implement leading mat technology. They allow you to outfit your home to train like a pro. Need help choosing a type of mat for your home? You’ll find some specs below for the products we offer. 

Zebra Mats

Zebra Mats are the pinnacle of martial arts training in the industry. Buying our at home products gets you the same tournament-quality mats used at events and in facilities worldwide. These martial arts mats can transform any space in your home into a training space that rivals any professional facility. 

You have three options when it comes to at-home training mats: 

  1. 1” Zebra Mats: ideal for striking martial arts and very light grappling 
  2. 1.5” Zebra Mats: ideal for striking martial arts and heavy grappling
  3. 2” Zebra Mats: ideal for MMA and heavy grappling (can eliminate the need for subflooring) 

These mats can be purchased individually or in 10’x10’ spaces. Which thickness of mat you choose is dependent on the type of martial arts training you will be focusing on and where the mats will be placed. It may be necessary to invest in thicker mats if they will be placed on top of concrete in a basement or garage space. 

Roll-Out Mats

Roll-out mats are a more budget conscious option for home gyms, but they still offer incredible performance for those looking for a quality home gym training space. These portable mats are easy to unroll onto any surface, including concrete, carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. When you’re finished, simply roll the mats back up and use the convenient storage strap to keep them compact while stored. Two mats can also be taped together to create a 10’x10’ training space in your home. 

Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats are the most affordable way to outfit your space with a protective flooring that can help you train. These 1” and 1-5/8” Puzzle Mat options are great for striking arts and light grappling. Although their lifespan and performance are not as high as Zebra Mats and Home Roll-Outs, they are the best option for smaller budgets or athletes who are just starting out and want to outfit their home space. 

Puzzle Mats can be purchased individually or in 10’x10’ spaces for convenience. 


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