Choosing the Right Yoga Tile Thickness for Your Studio

Yoga can be a rewarding practice for everyone. However, when it comes to safety, comfort, and longevity, yoga flooring plays a big role. Zebra Athletics offers yoga flooring in both 0.5” and 1” thicknesses. There are several factors to consider when deciding between 0.5” and 1” Zebra Yoga Tiles for your studio. You’ll need to consider the type of yoga you’ll offer and the demographics of your members. This decision will have an impact on the safety of your members as well as the efficacy of their practice.  

The Difference in Thickness Matters

There is only a half inch of thickness between each type of Zebra Yoga Tile, but it’s a difference that matters for different yoga types. Yoga tiles in a halfinch thickness work well for traditional yoga, including restorative yoga and prenatal yoga. Gentle and slower flows do not require a lot of cushion for safety and comfort.  

More physical types of yoga require a thicker mat in order to account for any trickier poses or more energetic flows. It’s also important to go with 1” yoga tiles if you are offering Bikram yoga or any variation of hot yoga. This is due to the increased moisture on the mats. 1” thick mats can be pushed together more tightly than 0.5” mats due to their thicker structure, forming a tighter seal between mats that doesn’t allow sweat and other precipitation to get between the mats or to the floor beneath. Moisture between mats or on the floor below is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.   

Consider the Demographic of Your Members

Another important consideration for deciding between a 0.5” and 1” thick yoga tile is the demographic of your members. A 0.5” yoga tile is appropriate for members who have few physical limitations and do not require extra cushioning for their practice. Members who are elementary through college aged, healthy young adults, and middle-aged and older adults in good health, are all demographics who are suited for thinner yoga tiles. The additional half inch of thickness in the 1” Zebra Yoga Tiles provide a benefit for very young children, pregnant women, elderly men and women, and anyone with a health or physical condition that requires extra support. The 1” yoga tile does not sacrifice stability for cushioning, ensuring that your members will still have a firm enough surface to practice on.   

Make the Best Choice for Your Yoga Studio

Choosing between 0.5” Zebra Yoga Tiles and 1” Zebra Yoga Tiles is a decision that can impact the safety of your members, as well as their practice. Make sure you understand the difference between both types of tiles and the difference a half inch of mat can make.