Designing a Fun and Engaging Kids Martial Arts Program

Practicing martial arts has many benefits for kids, and many parents have taken advantage of children’s martial arts programs to help their little ones develop critical life skills like discipline and work ethic. These types of children’s programs are the foundation of many martial arts gyms, which is why owners and coaches should make a healthy effort to develop their kid’s programs to ensure they are both fun and engaging 

What are some key points that a great kid’s program? These are some of the best tips for success. 

Create a Clean Practice Environment

Most parents, especially these days, expect martial arts gyms to be clean and welcoming. Gone are the days of fighter gyms and well-worn dojos. Today, it’s all about well-lit spaces with clean martial arts mats and equipment. Take care to make sure that potential new members walking into your facility are seeing the absolute best side of your facility. The welcome area should have clean carpets or tile, welcoming signs and photos, and someone to greet anyone new who walks through the door. Although it’s hard for a gym not to smell like a…gym, try to keep the air as fresh as possible. Use odor absorbing sprays and ensure you have good airflow. Remind your members to keep the bathrooms clean and check on them regularly. 

Hire Engaged Coaches

All of your coaches should be passionate about coaching, but it’s particularly important that your kids program coaches be extra enthusiastic and welcoming. Trying out a martial arts program can be intimidating for many children, and a coach who is excited to meet new members can make all the difference. Your coaches should continue to be engaged through the entire class, making sure that each child feels part of the activity, and that they are helping whenever possible. Parents want to see coaches that make a difference to their children.  

Make it Fun and Engaging by Using Social Media

When considering enrolling their child in a martial arts program, parents will often research the school first. Not only is the school’s website under scrutiny, but so is their social media. A lack of social media presence may deter parents who can’t get a good idea of what kind of environment they’re bringing their child into. Keep your social media up to date. Don’t focus just on your kids program – show potential members your gym space, mats, and equipment. Help them feel comfortable walking into your gym before they even meet you. Most importantly, use social media as a way for parents to engage with your facility and share its benefits with their friends. This is a great way to increase memberships and allow your students and their parents to get the most out of training at your facility. 


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