Do Aerial and Acro Yoga Require Special Flooring?

Yoga has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the last 20 years. This ancient art has been around forever, but with the spike in popularity has come new and unique ways to practice. These new practices, Acro and Aerial Yoga, beg a simple question for studio owners looking to incorporate them into their class schedules: do either of the styles require special yoga flooring?

The Basics of Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga, an intense, partner-based practice that focuses on acrobatic-based movement, has become an increasingly available to those looking for a more physical challenge. A major part of Acro Yoga is ‘”flying”, where one partner (often referred to as the “base”) assists in elevating the other partner through a series of movements.

The Basics of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a similar practice, but instead of partners, elevation and movements are assisted by a hammock (often referred to as ‘yoga silks’). Yoga silks help practitioners perform a variety of movements that may be too difficult to perform on traditional yoga mats. Aerial yoga may also benefit those who have physical issues that prevent them from being able to perform traditional yoga poses.

Special Yoga Flooring is Needed

It is the element of elevation that makes both Acro and Aerial Yoga unique – but it is also the reason that the use of traditional yoga flooring and yoga mats is problematic. Yoga studios often have hardwood floors, with students using yoga mats during their practice. Anyone who’s ever taken a tumble onto a hardwood floor knows that it hurts. Imagine that tumble from several feet above the floor, and you can see why traditional yoga flooring doesn’t work well for Acro and Aerial Yoga.

The Best Yoga Flooring for Any Yoga Style

Our Zebra mats offer the level of protection your students deserve. We recommend at least our 1.5” Zebra mats for your Aerial and Acro Yoga studios. Even at a 1.5” thickness, the mats are sturdy enough to provide a stable surface for various poses while allowing protection for falls. Zebra has provided mats for events such as the Chicago AcroYoga Festival and Detroit Motor City Fly Fest, supporting hundred of practitioners through dozens of hours of practice. Our mats are used by leading yoga studios across the country and are recommended no matter which style/s of yoga you practice.


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