Do Yoga Studios Need Insurance?

Yoga studios, while an excellent place to practice and pass the art onto others, are still a business, and like any business, there comes a lot of responsibilities with owning and operating one. 

One of these responsibilities comes in the form of insurance; many different types of insurance, to be more precise. Which types of insurance do yoga studios need? That depends on the state in which the facility is located. Here are some of the most common types of insurance that yoga studio owners should look into carrying. 

Commercial Building Insurance

This covers the actual structure of your facility and can protect you from things like fire, water and storm damage. Some coverage plans will also protect your facility from vandalism and other crimes, accidents and other damage that can occur.  

Insurance on Business-Related Items

In most states, insurance on your building will not cover the property you have inside of it. If you have a large investment in yoga flooring and equipment, it’s essential to have coverage that will protect that in case of damage and theft. 

Employers Liability Insurance

If you operate the facility all by yourself, you won’t need this insurance, but if you have even a single employee, employer’s liability insurance will protect your business should they become injured while working.  

In addition to employers liability, you should also look into some form of worker’s compensation insurance. This helps cover your employees salary and medical treatment should they become injured while on the job. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

This type of insurance will protect your business should someone else (either a student or anyone else) happens to become injured while on your property (they don’t even have to have entered the building). 

Participant Liability

This is a special type of insurance that protects your business while students are partaking in classes and events, even if they are off-site. If you are a yoga instructor, it’s absolutely essential to have coverage that protects your yoga practice in the event that a person becomes injured while you are instructing them. 

How to Get Yoga Insurance?

As with any business, you should consult with an attorney to see what type of insurance you should carry based on your facility, your business offering and the state in which you operate. Keep in mind that the costs will change based on your business, and insurance provider. 


Insurance can protect your business from financial harm, Zebra’s yoga flooring can protect you and your students from getting hurt while practicing. Check out our yoga flooring options.