Elisabeth Clay: My Favorite Animal as a Child

I found this paper I had written about mustangs years ago, probably from when I was 12 or 13 (and getting me to write was like pulling teeth). The reasons why I wrote it were:

1. It was for a school assignment

2. I really wanted to get a mustang again and was trying to convince the parents

3. Well, I wanted to post it to give people more information.

I love the breed and, honestly, I now haven’t been this obsessed with horses (like I used to be), other than looking at pictures and videos of them and still liking them. But I won’t lie, it was cool to go back and read something I was obviously passionate about and had written when I was young.

I don’t even remember being into them that much, but there is one major point in me bringing this up: no matter how young or old you are, even if other people think something you’re passionate about is stupid, as long as your aren’t hurting someone in the process, you should pursue it. Go after it, research it and do whatever you feel you need or want to do.

As a side note, when we lived in Texas we had 3 mustangs, a burro, a miniature horse, 27 goats and chickens and ducks, and a host of other animals. I loved it, but I would never trade Jiu Jitsu for it.

Mustangs: My Favorite Breed

Mustangs can range from 13-16 hands (the unit of measurement for horses. One hand = 4 inches). The average is about 14 hands (about 56 inches). They can live for 20-25 years in the wild, but domesticated mustangs can live up to 25-30 years old. They can weigh anywhere from 600-1200 pounds, depending on their height. Their color can vary from blacks to browns, whites, tans, and mixes of those colors. In rare cases, some can be colored blue or red. Mustangs are very hardy animals. They can go from cold to hot climates and still live. In the wild they have to fend for themselves by finding food, water, shelter, safety, etc. In my opinion they are one of the best breeds to own if you want a hardy and amazing horse.

Spanish Mustangs are known to be quite domestic in nature. Crossbreeding may have caused the pure Spanish Mustang variety to be more of a rarity, however, crossbreeds do have Spanish characteristics in them. Thus, Mustangs are quite friendly and enjoy being around people. Once they get to know their owner, they can become quite attached to them. Their affectionate disposition makes them wonderful pets, which is why Mustangs are being adopted these days. You have “break” most horses. But you not break Mustangs, you befriend them. If you do “break” them, you are breaking their spirits, and then they are nothing but an empty body without a spirit. And what fun is that?

Mustang stallions lead herds once they are six years old. There is a lot of struggle for dominance among the stallions and will gather their mares together and defend them from other stallions. They even try to steal mares from other Mustang herds by fighting with competing stallions. Their herd is comprised of lots of mares as well as the young. The young stallions are chased off by the dominant stallion, and they come together to form bachelor herds. Each herd has a lead mare, who is an older female Mustang. Her role is to lead the herd away from danger, while the stallion of the herd stays back and tackles the danger. A female foal is called a filly until she reaches the age of four, or is bred, then she is called a mare. A male foal is called a colt till it is four or breeds, and then it is called a stallion. If a stallion or foal it is castrated it is known as a gelding (it cannot breed).

Mustangs need help. There were millions of them a hundred years ago and now there are less than 25,000 roaming the land. It is not right and we need to do something about it.

Looking Ahead

So you’ve read it, and remember it was written a while ago so I’m not 100% on the spelling/punctuation of it. Anyway, I know this is a very different post than the normal, but thought it might be cool to see a different side of me. What I thought about when I was younger and what I was into. I still wouldn’t mind owning horses again, I might choose a different breed, but they are beautiful.

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