Elisabeth Clay Talks About Her Fight to Win Experience

With most everything being closed, and Fight 2 Win being one of the only promotions running at the moment, I thought that it was valid to talk about my experience at F2W. For me, having the opportunity to fight four times already during this period of quarantine has been a boost to my exposure and experience.

F2W Has Been Beneficial to Everyone, Not Just the Athletes Who Fight.

It gave people the opportunity to come out or watch from home. People in many parts of the world got to watch and experience the opportunity to get away from everything that’s been going on. It was a distraction from the stress, and it was a community gathering, whether the people joined virtually or in person.  

For the athletes, as one of that group, it has been amazing to be able to fight again. It was great for my mental wellbeingto be able to make money again, and for the camaraderie among the athletes. It was also great to be highlighted for the world to watch and become acquainted with. A lot of athletes haven’t been making money during this shut down, as we cannot fight or teach. Because F2W is running, we can start to make more money again and have our names and faces out there more. It’s also really amazing to be able to have a goal to look forward to again. Its very hard for these driven people, me being one of them, to not have these things. It’s hard to have to sit around and not do anything, and even if we can train, not having a goal in mind it can be very hard. 

Training During Quarantine

I didn’t get to train during the first half of the quarantine, but I was still very active. I was fortunate to be back with training finally, but it was less than two weeks before my first F2W in June. I was blessed with this opportunity to fight and I immediately took it without a second thought. To be one of the very few athletes back and competing was amazing! Stepping back on that mat felt like I was on top of the world, even more so than competing before.  

Funny enough, I actually think the whole quarantine has really helped my career. When coming back, I felt more motivated than ever, and with eyes being on F2W, there was an intense amount of focus on those performances. I had more eyes on me, seeing what I was doing. It was exciting. I had actually never been on F2W before my first fight in June, and while still being a brown belt, I have been able to fight a black belt every time. If everything was normal right now, I’m not sure this all would have happened. Being taken away from jiu jitsu, my love for so long (or what seemed so long), has reminded me that I cannot live without it! This love affair with jiu jitsu is why I do what I do.  

The Ruleset of F2W  

Honestly, I love F2W’s ruleset. You get points for submission attempts or slams; that is it. If there aren’t any of these, then the win goes to the more aggressive fighter. I love the idea of thisit is my game. I never want to win by points, but it happens. Sometimes we are so closely matched that points are the deciding factor, but it is never ever my goal to win under these circumstances. I always plan and prepare to win by submissionso for me this ruleset obviously encourages and fosters this mindset, and I love it.  

I want to take this moment to thank those who watched and supported me at the event location and online. This type of promotion exists because of the fans, whether those fans are family or other athletes, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. I appreciate each and every one of you and the platform of F2W to compete. Thank you to the ladies gracious enough to meet me on the mats. I loved every second, and I hoped you did too.  

What do you guys think of F2W running right now? What do you like about it? May we all find a way to be safe, train, and… Become your own lion or lioness! 

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