Elisabeth Clay’s 2017 Top 10 Martial Arts Holiday Gifts!

Still looking for that perfect gift for the martial arts enthusiast in your life? Whether they are into MMA, BJJ, Taekwondo or another MA discipline, we’ve got a list of gifts that are perfect for them!

We asked Elisabeth Clay, the IBJJF Worlds and ADCC West Coast Trials (under 60kg) Champion, what she loves to use while training. Below is a breakdown of her favorite products. These gifts are guaranteed to help that special person in your life #TrainWithConfidence!

#1) Any and All Albino & Preto Gis

EC: “They fit well and I always know how they can be used with my BJJ movements!”

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#2) NIKE PRO Women’s 3″ Training Shorts

EC: “You need good, tight shorts, that won’t move under your gi or outer layers.”

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#3) Basic Rank Rash Guard

EC: “For those no-gi days. I just call them t-shirts because what are rash guards?”

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#4) Lululemon Sports Bras

EC: “They simply fit the best.”

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#5) Rehband Rx 5mm Or 7mm Knee Sleeve

EC: “Because knees are stupid, but we have to protect ‘em! These ones are the best and they hold up really well, either the 5mm or the 7mm.”

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#6) SISU Aero Guard

EC: “They are small, so I can still talk with one in. It doesn’t fall out and yet protects my teeth. I Haven’t had any super expensive dental surgery and would like to keep it that way. Protect yo’ teeth!”

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#7) Hydro Flask 64 oz. Wide Mouth

EC: “My favorite is my half gallon hydro flask. It’s almost always more than enough water. Hydrate, people!”

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EC: “Even during Alaska winters it’s still sunny enough, and you need to look good! Wearing these during the winter is almost more important than during the summer because of the reflection of the sunlight on the snow.”

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#9) Zebra Athletics 10′ X 10′ Grappling Mat Area

EC: Puzzle mats eat toes, and these are what you normally compete on so you get used to the type of mats you’ll be on in competition. I trained on different mats for roughly the first 4 years of my training, and now I’ve been on Zebra mats for the last year — they’re by far my favorite!”

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#10) A Gift Card to a Yoga Class

EC: “Whether it’s classes at the local Alaska Club studio or a class in the lower 48, like those at Yoga Six or SYNDICATE.YOGA a gift card for yoga classes a great idea. Hot Flow yoga classes are my favorite!”

Need More Ideas?

Zebra Athletics has everything you need to make the holidays a win for your family and friends. Shop our Home Gym Store for martial arts mats, bags and other fitness accessories.