Everything You Need To Know Before You Order Zebra Products For Your Facility

Ordering martial arts mats and equipment for your facility is a big step, but you can help yourself feel less overwhelmed by preparing ahead of time before placing your order. This will also make the ordering process smoother and less intimidating. Here are the main things you need to prepare for when ordering from Zebra Athletics. 

Prepare By Deciding How Many Mats You’ll Need

One of the first steps to ordering is figuring out a rough estimate of how many mats you’ll need for your facility. Make sure you have the dimensions of your space, including the length and width of the space, the height of the walls, and the location of any doors and poles/columns.

Once you have these, you are ready to calculate the number of mats you’ll need. Zebra’s mats are approximately 21.5 square feet. Multiply the length by width (in feet) of your space. This will give you your total square footage. Take that number and divide it by 21.5, rounding up the total, for a rough idea of the number of mats you’ll need. Keep your dimensions handy to share with your sales representative once you reach out to Zebra. They’ll verify that you have the correct amount of mats.  

Calculating Wall Space for Wall Pads

If you’ll also need wall pads for your space, measure the length of your walls, as well as the height. Zebra’s standard Wall Pads are six feet high and two feet wide. Take the total length of your walls and divide by two to determine the amount of wall pads you’ll need to purchase.  

What About Customization?

The next step is deciding what kind of customization you would like in your facility. The most common form of customization is your facility’s logo on your mats and/or wall pads. If you decide you’d like your logo printed on your products, it’s important that you have your logo ready to go in a vector format including font file (.AI or .eps). You’ll need to plan your mat and wall pad colors accordingly if you’ve decided to have your logo printed. 

Zebra can also help you decide what colors and surface (smooth or tatami) you would like for your mats. If you have a unique space, Zebra can customize the size of your mats, wall pads, corner pads, and pole pads. 

Knowing the above before you order is a wonderful way to help you have a smooth ordering process and for you to get your mats and equipment as quickly as possible. If you have any questions before you place your order, get in touch with us right away!