Everything You Need To Know Before You Order Zebra Products For Your Home Gym

Ordering martial arts mats and equipment for your home gym is a big step. Before you order, you can help yourself feel less overwhelmed by preparing ahead of time before placing your order. This will also make the ordering process smoother and less intimidating. Here are the main points you need to prepare. 

Plan Your Home Training Space

One of the first steps to ordering is deciding where in your home you want your training space. You will need to consider several factors in choosing a training area. Are you planning to dedicate this space solely to training? If so, you’ll be able to build out a more intricate space with the standard Zebra mats. Will you need this space for other activities in addition to training? Rollout or puzzle mats might be the best solution. What kind of flooring is in your training space? Zebra Mats perform best on non-carpeted floors, as the non-skid backing keeps them from sliding. If you need/want to keep the carpet down, Zebra’s Double-Sided Tape is a great option to keep the mats in place. Roll-out mats and puzzle mats should stay in place fairly well on non-carpeted floors, but you may want a Mat Underlayment to provide more cushioning if you’re planning on doing takedowns or throws.  

Calculating How Many Mats You’ll Need

Once you’ve determined where your home training space will be located and decided on the type of training surface that’s best for you, you’ll need to figure out how many mats you’ll need. Measure the length and width of the floor area that you want to mat. If you’ve decided on standard Zebra mats, which are approximately 21.5 square feet, you’ll need to multiply the length by width (in feet) of your space. This will give you your total square footage. Take that number and divide it by 21.5, rounding up the total, for a rough idea of the number of mats you’ll need. If you’re choosing roll-out mats, take the length by width of the space and divide by 50 (roll-out mats are 10’x5’). For puzzle mats, take the length by width of the space and divide by 10.75 (puzzle mats are 10.75 square feet) to get the number of puzzle mats you’ll need. We make providing mats for your home space easier by offering many sizes on our Home Gym page.  

Calculating Wall Space for Wall Pads

If you want to put wall pads in your training space at home, measure the length of your walls, as well as the height. Zebra’s standard Wall Pads are six feet high and two feet wide. Take the total length of your walls and divide by two to determine the amount of wall pads you’ll need to purchase. Zebra can also offer 4foothigh wall pads for smaller spaces.  

Product Customization

It’s possible to customize your home training space by choosing the colors you want for your mats and your wall pads. You also have a choice of smooth or tatami surface, depending on the mats you decide on. If you’ve decided to purchase Zebra mats and/or wall pads, you can customize those with a logo if you’d prefer.  

Bags and Hangers

If you are ordering a Zebra Bag for your home training gym, be aware of how much room you have for the bag to move. Zebra’s water training bags are a great option for home gyms, as they swing much less than regular bags, making them ideal for smaller spaces. If you’re hanging a traditional heavy bag, make sure your wall can support the steel rack. 

Knowing the above before you order will help ensure you can outfit your home training space as quickly as possible.  We can’t wait to help you build the home training space of your dreams!  If you have any questions before placing your order, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!