Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Zebra Located?

Zebra’s corporate headquarters and main warehouse are located in Rogers, MN near Minneapolis.


What are Zebra Tournament Mats

We sponsor various events throughout the country, which rely on Zebra’s mats for a safe, durable, competition-specific surface. These mats are occasionally available for sale after the event and can be readied for pickup from the event or delivery to your location.

BONUS! Tournament mats come with the same 10-year warranty as NEW stock, yet are offered at a discount. This is great way to outfit your facility with Zebra, while saving on the costs of the mats, and in most cases, freight as well.


How do I layout my Zebra mats?

Whether you are trying to match competition standards, or make a space that is uniquely yours, the Zebra Sales and Support teams will be glad to help you determine the best layout to meet your needs. Contact us at 800-989-8085 and we can provide you with a layout specific to your room.


What's the best way to carry my Zebra mats when moving them?

When handling your mats, the proper technique is to carry the mats vertically to eliminate any excessive bending.


How do I clean my Zebra mats?

We’re glad you asked. Clean mats are very important for maximum safety and performance. Please refer to our mat cleaning instructions:

  • Zebra Mats
  • Zebra Puzzle Mats

Can I use bleach to disinfect my Zebra mats?

Zebra does not recommend using bleach on your mats as it can destroy the vinyl on the mats and can void your product warranty. We recommend disinfecting your mats with Zebra Enviro-Care Neutral Disinfectant cleaner.


How do I repair a tear or cut in my Zebra mats?

You can find a vinyl repair kit at most hardware stores or online marketplaces. These are a clear epoxy designed to seal vinyl products. Follow the directions on the packaging.


What are Zebra's payment options?

Zebra will accept deposits to start manufacturing or to reserve inventory, but payment in full is required before your product will ship. We accept cash, credit cards, checks, PayPal, and wire transfers. Financing is also available. Click here to learn more about financing options.


How do I get a W-9 form?

Contact the Zebra Customer Support department at 763-255-1590 or and they will email you a signed W-9 form. Please have your account number or quote number available when contacting us.