Financing Your Zebra Purchase



Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, getting new equipment is essential to your success, but investing in new equipment isn’t always in the budget. It’s a regular catch 22; you need better equipment to bring in more business, but without more business, you can’t purchase new equipment. That’s the beauty of financing with Zebra; you get new gym equipment right away without having to pay the bulk of the price up front.

Zebra’s financing partner offers payment programs that meet your budget, credit profile, and purchasing goals. Get the equipment you need at a low monthly payment and with a payback period of up to 60 months. 90-day deferred payments are also offered with qualifying credit scores and a minimum of two years in business!

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Free Up Capital

Every dollar you put into new equipment is capital that can’t be invested elsewhere in your business. An equipment financing program that is designed around your specific business needs and budget, allowing you to make affordable monthly payments over time, frees up capital that can be used to invest in hiring new employees, opening a second location, offering more services, etc. What you do with your saved capital is your business. It’s our business to provide you with great products at an affordable monthly payment.


Tax Benefits

Equipment financing comes with some fantastic tax benefits. Financed payments are fully deductible so long as your business continues to use the purchased equipment. Zebra can help you determine how much you can reduce your tax payments each year using a Section 179 tax calculator, which gives you an instant estimate of how much you can save when you finance equipment.


New Equipment, When You Need It

Equipment financing helps you upgrade to the latest and greatest equipment for your facility, giving your company a competitive edge and helping you effortlessly attract new customers. When you purchase new equipment outright, you must have the capital to pay for it in full. Financing allows you to outfit your facility with the most up-to-date equipment now, not later.


Build & Preserve Business Credit

Financing allows you to build and maintain a healthy credit score for your business, which in turn gives you to access larger credit lines that allow you invest even more heavily in your academy. Bigger lines of credit allow you to expand, cover operational expenses and react quickly to emergencies that may normally bankrupt your business.


Better Balance Sheets

A more attractive balance sheet can be yours thanks to our partner’s financing program. Your monthly payment is viewed as a business expense instead of as a liability or long-term debt. Having little or no debt on your company’s financial statement is a huge benefit when it comes time to secure future business funding.



For more than 20 years, Zebra has partnered with LeaseProcess to provide equipment financing solutions for new and existing business owners. We offer innovative fair market value and finance lease-to-own programs that meet your specific needs.


Step 1 | Apply

Submit a simple credit application, which will be processed in 24 hours or less!

Step 2 | Sign

Financing documents will be sent out on the same day your credit application is approved. All you have to do is fill them out and return them via DocuSign or by using our overnight express account.

Step 3 | Enjoy

Once we have your financing documents, your order will be placed and your equipment will promptly ship.

Finance your equipment today! Tell us about your project and we’ll connect with you the best financing partner for your needs!


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