Finance Your Zebra Purchase

ZEBRA offers financing and lease programs to meet your business’ budget, credit profile, and purchasing goals. If you cannot purchase equipment outright, leasing allows you the flexibility of getting new equipment for your gym with a low monthly payment. Get the equipment you need now with payback terms as long as 60 months.


Our Preferred Financing Partner is Lease Process


About Lease Process:

Lease Process is committed to providing you with the equipment you need and the superior service you demand. Our years of experience give us the edge to provide hundreds of equipment types to a broad range of businesses. We look forward to working with you on all of your equipment leasing needs soon!

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Benefits of Lease Financing
Almost every business must acquire equipment and other items to expand and prosper. Two traditional methods of funding such acquisitions are using money from business checking accounts (working capital) or borrowing the money from your bank. Unfortunately, these methods are not always feasible or even possible.

Here are some practical advantages to Lease Financing:

  • The business owner avoids depleting daily working capital and savings.
  • The business owner avoids depleting bank lines of credit.
  • The business owner avoids using precious and expensive credit cards.
  • The business owner pays for the equipment as it is utilized, not all up front.
  • The costs associated with a business lease can be treated as a business expense.
  • Tax leases can be fully tax deductible.
  • Leasing protects against equipment obsolescence.
  • Multiple vendors and equipment can be consolidated into one monthly lease payment.
  • Installation and delivery costs can be included in the monthly lease payment.
  • Lease payments can be treated as an off balance sheet item, strengthening the appearance of your company’s net worth.

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