Getting the Most Out of Your Zebra Practice Base During Home Yoga Sessions

Yoga offers many benefits to its practitioners, including stress relief and increased mobility. In the era of COVID-19, practicing yoga is more important than ever, and thanks to improved equipment and virtual classes, it’s easy to do so from the safety and comfort of your home. Zebra’s Practice Base offers top-of-the-line option to continue your yoga practice during these challenging times. 

Where’s the Best Place in a House to Practice Yoga?

When deciding to continue your yoga practice at home, there are several considerations. One of the most important is where in your house to practice. The first item to consider is where in your home you can focus on your yoga, whether that’s alone or with family members. This can be a spare bedroom, a finished basement, your own bedroom, or even the living room. Rooms with doors are most ideal, as they allow you to shut the rest of the world out for this brief period. Temperature of your designated yoga space is also important, as colder rooms can limit muscle mobility and relaxation. As the practice base is easy to put down for a yoga session and take up afterward, there’s no need to worry about a room that can house your yoga mat on the floor all day. In addition, the cushioning and stability of the practice base allows it to be used for more than yoga, included at home fitness activities.  

Where the Practice Base Can be Used

Zebra’s Practice Base can be used on hardwood floors, linoleum floors, or carpet. The bottom of the practice base has an anti-skid surface, ensuring that it won’t slide on hardwood or linoleum. In addition, the practice base provides enough cushion for more difficult poses even when not on carpet. There is no need to place additional cushioning underneath the practice base to increase cushioning. Even with the cushioning the practice base provides, it still offers enough stability for all yoga poses, including the most difficult. The practice base can be taken outside but should never be left outside and open to the elements, particularly rain, heat, and cold.  

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Practice Base

Zebra’s Practice Base should be cleaned and maintained like all Zebra mats. In order to keep the practice base clean and ensure it doesn’t trap bacteria, the practice base should be cleaned after every use. Zebra’s mat cleaner is a great disinfectant option, but the practice base can be wiped down with a non-rinse, diluted cleaner. Each practice base’s exterior is treated with an anti-microbial treatment as an additional prevention against bacterial growth. Make sure the practice base has enough air flow to allow it to dry completely. Although the hand-sewn corner seams ensure the practice base doesn’t trap moisture, keeping the mat dry provides an extra measure of protection.  

Zebra’s Practice Base is a great alternative to typical yoga mats. The extra cushioning, stability, and versatility make it perfect for home yoga practice, including a variety of yoga types and poses. Antimicrobial treatments add an extra layer of protection important with today’s COVID-19 environment, allowing you to safely continue your yoga practice at home.  


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