Have You Asked Yourself These 3 Home Gym Questions?

Covid-19 still has many martial arts gyms and facilities in a state of flux. With the virus still a large issue in many areas of the world, many athletes have found benefits in having an additional training space at home. When planning a home gym, what is it important to consider before looking at equipment? 

Ask yourself these three questions. 

Will the Home Gym Be Permanent or Temporary?

Consider whether you can dedicate a permanent space to training, or whether you will be putting martial arts mats in a space that has other uses. If you are able to keep the mats down, you will be able to consider options such as extra cushioning underneath the mats as well as the heavier, more traditional, Zebra mats.  

Spaces that must also be used for working, sleeping, eating, etc., mean that more movable mats must be considered. While the traditional Zebra mats can be moved and stacked, they cannot be rolled and may take up more storage space than is feasible. Zebra’s home roll-out mats and puzzle mats are great options. The thicker grappling puzzle mats are ideal for ground-based martial arts.  

Do You Own or Rent?

Do you own or rent your living space? This will affect what you’re able to do with your training space. Landlords may have rules against putting double-sided tape on the floor to hold mats. You may not to be able screw in wall pads, if wall padding is something you’re considering. If you rent, you may be limited to what you can do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Different mats can be used on top of various flooring, including carpeting. It’s important to know what you have to work with before you start.  

Do You Have Pets?

Do you have pets? What kind, and will they be allowed in your training space? Dogs and cats both have nails that can scratch or tear mats. Smaller animals, such as rabbits and ferrets, may chew on the mats or urinate on them, causing unreversible damage. Consider your pets when you decide on a location for your training space. If you own pets that may cause damage to your mats, a room that can be closed off or mats that can be put down and picked up may be a better choice.


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