Help Your Students Develop with Partner Training

As coaches, we must not only make our students physically stronger, but mentally as well. We must enhance their mental toughness while helping them to control their anxiety at the same time. We also need to understand what motivates athletes and pushes them to improve and succeed.

How Partner and Small Group Training Helps us Get There

Trainers should incorporate partner training on a regular basis. If you gym or school is currently offering strength and conditioning classes or circuit training, try partnering your members up next time and see their friendly competitive side comes alive!

Start a session by partnering your students with a medicine ball drill and watch their attention and competitiveness spike immediately.  When a students “partner up,” their competitive fire becomes sharper. You can see this immediately if you begin partnering up your students for short sessions in your MMA cage.

Here are just a few benefits of partner training:

  • Develops camaraderie and a strong support system
  • Provides positive reinforcement and motivation, especially during an “off” day
  • Instills friendly competition
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem
  • Prompts your athletes to push themselves even more to “keep up” with the team
  • Increases motivation and gets all members to attend more classes, even those 6:00 a.m. strength-training sessions!

Besides the proven training benefits, partner training will create more satisfied gym members, which translates to easier membership retention.

Help Your Students Improve

As athletes continue to improve and become faster, stronger and more explosive from training, you will see their self-esteem and confidence being positively impacted. This is both psychological and physical. Partner training will challenge and reward your students both physically and mentally, so start employing it today!