Help Zebra Raise $25,000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Like most people across the country, we at Zebra Athletics have been watching the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey unfold in Houston and ripple across the country. We are dismayed that so many people have been affected by the aftermath of the storm, and our deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to all who have been impacted.

The shining ray of light after the storm has been the incredible response of the people. Many have given their money and time to help relief efforts, and we here at Zebra are looking to give back, as well.

As a small company who focuses on building Martial Arts, MMA and Yoga facilities and communities, helping the rebuilding and relief efforts in Houston is of great important to us. That’s why we are hoping to raise $25,000 during the month of September.

How Can You Help?

We will be giving a portion of all our proceeds to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. Every product you purchase from our store, from MMA mats to Yoga Tiles, fitness equipment and everything in between, qualifies for this program.

Our goal is to reach $25,000 over the next few weeks, and we hope that you all can help us get there!

By the Numbers: The Effects of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas and Louisiana over a six day period. As of the time of writing this post, the effects of Hurricane Harvey are estimated to be at:

  • $75 billion in estimated losses
  • More than 13 million people are expected to be displaced
  • 72,000 people who have needed rescue
  • 30,000 people need temporary shelter
  • 50 counties under water and 33 counties under federal disaster declaration
  • Up to 40,000 homes destroyed
  • Approximately 500,000 vehicles damaged or lost
  • 56,000 calls to 911 in Houston
  • 2,200 water rescues

Help Us Help Others

We are pushing hard to meet and hopefully exceed this goal! And since we are donating a portion of the proceeds from EVERY sale, there no cap to how much we can raise! If you have any questions about this program or how you can help donate to hurricane relief, contact the Zebra team today.