How Big Should a Home BJJ Space Be?

You’re ready to set up a home gym BJJ space, but you’re not sure how big the space should be. You’ve come to the right place. While the BJJ gym you frequent may be 1000 square feet or more, you likely don’t have that much space in your home to set up your own BJJ training space. So how much space do you really need? What’s the optimal setup for a BJJ home gym. 

We can help you figure it all out. 

The Best Size for a BJJ Home Gym Space

The ideal size for a BJJ space in your home will be 10’ x 10’, or roughly 100 square feet. If you are just practicing drills on your own, you may be able to go with something smaller, but if you want to roll with any other person, 10 feet by 10 feet is the perfect amount of space for your home BJJ setup. 

How Many Mats Do You Need for Your Space

Many BJJ mats on the market measure in at 2 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 78.75″), or about 21.5 square feet. This means that you will need approximately five of these mats (with one being manually cut in half) in order to create a 10’ x 10’ BJJ space. At Zebra, we sell precut BJJ Mat Spaces for home use, allowing you to choose between sizes that include: 

  • 10’ x 10’  
  • 13’ x 13’ 
  • 13’ x 16.5’ 
  • 13’ x 20’ 
  • 16.5’ x 16.5’ 
  • 20’ x 20’ 

These setups allow you to choose what’s right for your home gym setup based on the space you have and how you train. 

Home Roll-Out Mats are Also a Good Option

Another way to create a 10’ x 10’ BJJ space is to use roll-out mats. These can be placed over most common household flooring surfaces and require no anti-slip bottom or adhesives. They are also easy to roll out when training and store away when not in use. 

Each Zebra Home Roll-Out Mat is 5’ x 10’ x 1-¼”. Two can be used to create the 10’ x 10’ space you need for rolling with a partner. We also sell a 10×10 Home Roll-Out Space that comes with two mats and a roll of tape to piece them together. 

What About Puzzle Mats?

Puzzle Mats can be a good option for light BJJ training at home. While they will not provide the protection needed for heavy grappling and groundwork training, you can use them for light drills here and there. Zebra Puzzle Mats come in 1” and 1 5/8” inch thick varieties and feature a light tatami textured surface for added grip. While they aren’t the best choice for home BJJ training, they can be a good start for beginners or more budget conscious athletes. For the best value and easiest setup, try our 10 X 10 Grappling Puzzle Mat Area.