How to Clean and Care for Your Home Gym Space, the Proper Way

Having your own home gym space is liberating, convenient, and a pretty excellent way to train outside of the gym. Having said that, it’s your home gym space, which means it’s your job to keep it clean! Thankfully, you don’t have to have any special skills to get the job done right, and you can use the same Zebra products professional gym owners use in their facilities. Keeping your home gym clean and well maintained is easy once you know how. 

Follow these home gym cleaning tips to keep your training space looking, smelling, and feeling brand new for years! 

Use the Right Cleaning Products

The best cleaners for your gym flooring, martial arts mats, and other training products will have multiple features. They will be able to: 

  1. Actively kill germs 
  2. Remove sweat and grime 
  3. Clean without leaving slippery or tacky residue 
  4. Protect your mats and training protects against future odor-causing bacteria 

These factors all help you keep your training space clean while making the cleaning process easy. Even for a small 10’ x 10’ training space, you will want a mat cleaner that spreads easily across the space and wipes away quickly, reducing the time you spend cleaning. You’ll also want the cleaner to kill MRSA superbugs and bacteria and break down the bodily fluids that are often left behind after hard training. An often overlooked part of home gym maintenance is protecting your mats against future cleaning issues. Our SportSense Mat and Equipment Protectant has been proven to provide a layer of protection against bacteria that may cause odor issues in the future.  

Clean After EVERY Session

Cleaning should be done after every training session. If you are short on time and have to leave right away, quickly wipe any obvious sweat or moisture off the mats, and then come back and clean as soon as you can. Allowing sweat and bacteria to fester on your training products for hours and days at a time will result in odors and can even break down the surface of your training mats and equipment. If you are in a serious rush, try to do a quick wipe down of all your training surfaces and follow up with a deeper clean later. Remember that odors are caused by bacteria growth, so preventing bacteria from thriving on your equipment is the easiest way to keep it smelling fresh. 

Don’t Forget to Ventilate the Space

Odors, and even the smells of cleaning products, can linger in a space that is never ventilated. This makes for a less than comfortable training environment. No matter where your training space is in your home—your garage, basement, attic, spare room, shed—make sure there is some type of ventilation or air movement within the space. If you do not have any windows in the space, invest in a fan or air blower to push air around and out of the space. This will help keep the space smelling better 24×7. 


All the products you need for your home gym are available right here at the Zebra Athletics online store. Shop today.