How to Carve Out Space in Your Gym for Heavy Bag Training

Many gyms are often multi-functional spaces, providing their members with opportunities for various martial arts and fitness training routines. One of the most common additions to facilities is a heavy bag space. This can range from one or two heavy bags to a fully kitted out bag section of the gym. Depending on your space availability and needs, there is a heavy bag solution for you and your facility.  

Where to Place Heavy Bags in a Martial Arts Gym

There are several ideal locations in a gym for heavy bag training; the ideal location and heavy bag setup that is specific to your facility depends on many factors: 

  • Square footage 
  • Facility design 
  • Budget 

These all impact how you carve out space for heavy bags. The most ideal space for heavy bags is extra square footage in your gym that’s not being taken up by martial arts mats and isn’t a part of your spectator space. However, it’s rare in most gyms to have an unused space, but this would be the perfect solution.  

If you don’t have empty space in your gym, particularly if your space is on the smaller side, you can look at how your mats are laid out. With today’s product options, you can find a solution for bags that can be used on the mats for heavy bag training, and then moved out of the way for grappling or sparring.  

Prepping for Heavy Bag Installation

Once you’ve decided on where to place your heavy bags and the kind of setup you would like, you’ll need to assess what needs to be done to prepare the space for the bag installation. You’ll need to move any extra equipment out of the way to prepare for installation. It’s also important to assess not only type of walls and floors you have, but also to decide if they’re suitable for heavy bag installation, but also the condition they are in. Are they able to support posts or beams as well as the weight of the heavy bags? Are there any areas of structural weakness that need to be fixed before installation? Another important step in preparing for heavy bag installation is to ensure you have all the tools necessary. Depending on the type of rack you’re installing, you’ll need to not only make sure you have the appropriate hardware but the equipment to install them.  

Choosing the Right Products

Choosing the right products for your heavy bag space is important for the safety of your members and the longevity of your facility. If you have concrete walls in your gym and limited spacewall mounted heavy bag racks can be great option. Trolley systems work well for facilities that can’t have a dedicated heavy bag space and need their mat space to be multi-functional. Trolley bag rack systems allow you to slide your heavy bags out of the way when you need the space for other activities and slide them back into place when they’re in use. If you’re dedicating a space to your heavy bags, consider the option of including a cage panel wall in your bag rack setup to separate the space.  

Regardless of the design of your facility, there are several ways to add heavy bags to your gym. Consider your available space, amount and type of heavy bags desired, and your infrastructure to decide on the best heavy bag setup for your facility.