How to Choose the Right Location for Your MMA Gym

Opening a new MMA gym comes with a hundred different decisions. Perhaps the most important one you will make is where to open your gym. The location of your facility can be an advantage or a hinderance. How can you choose the right location for your mixed martial arts facility?  

Locate Nearby Gyms 

One of the first points future gym owners consider is gyms that are already established in the area where they are looking. A location that is over-saturated with gyms will mean much more competition for members. If there are gyms nearby, think about what they teach? Is it similar to your training program? An MMA gym may still have success with a number of gyms nearby, if those gyms are, for example, karate, jiujitsu, cardio kickboxing, and traditional fitness. Five MMA gyms within five miles may make getting members much more difficult.  

Analyze the Demographics

What is the makeup of the surrounding area? Is it mostly apartments with younger working adults? If so, consider how important a kid’s program is to the success of your gym, and whether you will have enough of a pool to draw those members from. An area with a high amount of families and schools will offer a better chance of growing a kid’s program. Conversely, a cardio kickboxing or jiu jitsu gym may flourish in an area with a high number of young, single adults. 

Consider Accessibility

How easy is it to find your location? Is it difficult to get to? Ease of access will play a large part in the growth of your facility. If your gym is in a more remote location, it may be harder for potential members to come check out your gym, and they may be less incentivized to join. Consider if your gym is in an area of town or on a road that’s highly trafficked in the evenings. This may cause frustration for your members when trying to attend classes. Location can easily be a make or break for your gym. 


Wherever you locate your gym, equip it with the best products in the industry. Make it a Zebra mats MMA facility!