How to Promote A Positive Gym Culture

One of the biggest nontangible factors for any facility is its culture. This is the essence of the gym, the way it operates, and the way it makes its members feel. Having a positive gym culture is key for both retaining and recruiting members. Here are some ways to promote a positive gym culture. 

Nix Cliques

It’s natural for teammates to form friendship groups with those they have more in common with. This is both normal and acceptable. Groups become a problem when their members only associate with each other and freeze out those who aren’t a part of it. Remind your members that it helps the team to include others and make sure no one is feeling isolated. 

Discourage Complaining

When you’re tired, sore, and can’t hit that new move, it’s natural to vent your frustrations to your teammates. In fact, it can be healthy. Venting and complaining become problematic when it’s constant, repeated, and leaves no room for other conversation. Remind your members it’s normal to feel frustration, but it’s best to acknowledge it and then move on. Encourage them to focus on what’s going well instead of what’s going wrong. 

Be Encouraging

No coach is happy 100% of the time. Do your best, however, to stay upbeat on good days and keep an even temperament on the bad. Coaches, like bosses, set the tone for the rest of the team, so be conscientious of the attitude you’re putting out. And while it’s necessary to correct students, make sure that you’re also being encouraging. Look for things they are doing well along with things they can improve upon.