Keeping Your MMA Students (Customers) Happy

“Thank you for your patronage!”

This is a sign we often see hanging in stores when we are out shopping. It’s a simple concept that the business owner is thankful for people who spend their hard-earned money with them.

This concept holds true for the martial arts industry as well. To succeed, you must meet or exceed customer expectations. You must nurture the relationship, especially since the products and services you provide are considered discretionary, not necessities.

Whether we’re talking about the UFC, large brand name gyms or small local dojos, success hinges on the ability of the business to keep customers happy and coming back. Happy customers are the lifeblood of the martial arts industry.

More Than Just Products

A great product can only take you so far. A student is most likely to quit within the first 100 days, so it’s critical that you build a rapport with students from the get-go. Building a positive rapport begins the minute a student walks into your gym. If your waiting room is unwelcoming or your staff is slow to greet them, you may have already lost their business. Potential students want your attention, and they want to feel that you really care about them.

It’s Not about THIS Sale

Whether you’re selling gym memberships, boxing gloves or MMA mats, your focus should be on the customer’s goals, not on your next sale. If you focus right from the beginning on providing the best possible service and experience, and not on making one sale, you’ll build a relationship that lasts a long time and leads to many more sales.

You have to show your students that you care. Once you gain their trust, they will remain loyal. Ask yourself, “who is the master?” If a gym owner is more concerned about his students showing him respect, business goals will be out of line and long-term success difficult. When an owner and his instructors show respect for the students, long-term relationships are formed.

Lessons Learned

At Zebra, people often call for a quick quote on mats, but we make sure we ask questions and get to know their business. When you put the customer first, they sense that you are trying to help them and not just trying to sell them. On every first call, we think less about the quick sale and more about building a relationship. This is why Zebra has been so successful. Customers know we care about their business and success.

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