Make the Winter Blahs Work for Your Gym

No matter which part of the country you live in, by the end of February, most of us will be tired of the colder weather and cloudy skies. Cooler temps and shorter days keep us inside more often during the winter and severely limit our activities. As a gym owner, you have the unique opportunity to make these winter blahs work for your facility by bringing your gym family closer together.

Here are three ideas to try this winter.

#1: Organize A Team Dinner

Team dinners are the best. Pick a date and time, reserve a room at a local restaurant and let your members know you’d love them to join you and the other coaches for a night away from the gym! Having a team dinner gets your members out of the house and gives them the opportunity to know their team members and coaches on a deeper, more personal level.

#2: Arrange A Sledding Activity

If you live in an area of the country that gets a lot snow during the winter, pick a Saturday or Sunday when it’s not too cold and invite your members to bring their sleds and see who can get down the hill the fastest. For extra fun, meet back at the gym after for hot chocolate and other refreshments for parents AND kids.

#3: Add Some Fun To Your Open Mats

Everyone loves open mats, so use the opportunity in the winter to liven them up a bit. Try adding fun lights, games, or different rules to make each open mat an experience. Depending on your comfort level, you can invite other local martial artists to get in on the fun on your martial arts mats.

Winter doesn’t have to mean freezing temperatures and cabin fever. As a gym owner, you are in a unique position to use this season to bring your gym family closer than ever, and we hope you take the opportunity to do so!


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