How to Market Your Gym During the Holidays

As we push through the holiday season, many gym owners will be looking to market their facility to the inevitable rush of people who will surely be seeking to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions in just a few weeks.

January is a time to begin new projects, set lofty goals and try new things. If you are looking to promote your gym during the holidays so that, when the time comes, people will be looking to join, follow these marketing tips.

Offer New Year Discounts

The new year is not a time to be stingy when it comes to your prices. Always remember that initial price offerings are not permanent, nor are they the way that gym owners build a successful business.

It is far better to get a few people in at lower price and turn them into loyal and returning customers than it is to push them away by not offering any membership discounts. Remember, people will be shopping around for gyms to join, and special offers/discounts will easily catch their attention.

You can also offer discounted packages that your current students can purchase as gifts for their family members and friends.

Hold Holiday Training Parties

Encourage your students to bring a guest to a training session/holiday party. This will allow new people to gain access to your gym, get a free lesson and see how fun and organized your classes can be.

A lot of people are afraid to get into MMA or martial arts, but inviting those people to a more casual training session (perhaps followed by a party) with a friend is a great way to ease them into the idea of joining your gym. They will feel much more comfortable going with a friend or family member than on their own.

Network, When You Can

Holiday parties are filled with networking opportunities, so keep a lookout for people you can connect with who can be beneficial to your business. Just don’t dominate every conversation with talk about your business, but keep in mind that every person you meet could be a new client or a partner for your business.


If you have a local YMCA or event center in your town, you can offer to run a free class there for an afternoon. Bring a few roll out mats and other portable equipment and set up a class that children and their parents can attend. If you spend an afternoon offering a free training class, your business will gain a lot of exposure.

The holidays are a great time to market your business. You just have to keep an eye out for the right opportunities.