Marketing Mixed Martial Arts to Millennials

Today’s youth is a highly desirable group, yet it can be a challenging martial arts demographic to reach effectively.

Determining how your brand can connect with a younger generation is a complicated process. The road to relevance with millennials can be confusing because tried and true marketing concepts may not hold true. But this is a HUGE group of potential long-term customers that every facility owner needs to reach.

Here are a few myths that might help you better understand and connect with today’s youth:

The Environment is a Key Concern for Young People When it Comes to Making Purchasing Decisions

Truth is, only about 2% of young people rank “the environment” as a primary focus when it comes to making purchases. Nearly 10 times that number rank “financial matters” as a primary motivation. If you want to reach young people, focus on the cost of your products and services, not on the green aspects of your business.

The Best Way to Reach Young Consumers is Through your Website

Yes, young people spend a lot of time online and seek out products via digital engagement. However, the most popular digital tools with this group is not corporate websites, but rather social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google.

The preference of using social media by young people is well documented. Young people have too many options for entertainment and information online. They will not spend significant time on a single website. Social media is more targeted and should be a top priority when marketing to this audience.

Brands Need to Segment Messages to Reach the Most Ethnically Diverse Generation in History

Today’s generation is one of the most ethnically diverse ever. In fact, one in three millennials is non-caucasian. However, such diversity does NOT mean brands must separate messaging according to ethnicity. Rather, the cultures that make up the younger generation are more homogenous than their older demographic counterparts, and can largely be spoken to based on age and psychographic similarities rather than ethnic differences.

Texting is an Effective Way to Reach Young People

Just because teens are more connected to their phones than ever does not mean mobile marketing will reach them with positive results. A study has shown that only 10% of young people say it is “okay” for brands to text them. While it is true that teens like texting, it’s with each other and not with brands. Sending them a text about puzzle mats is likely to turn them off. Receiving commercial messages intrude on their sense of private time with friends.

Print Messages Don’t Reach Younger Generations

Surveys have indicated that 68% of teens regularly look through magazines and printed promotions. They don’t spend as much time with printed publications like older generations, instead they choose to watch television, surf the web and text all at the same time. You should build a plan that reaches all of these elements.


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