Money Saving Tips for Martial Arts Facilities and Gyms

The events of 2020 have led many businesses, especially gyms and martial arts facilities, to reevaluate their business models and budgets. Cutting expenses and putting aside money is on every gym owner’s mind. It’s not something anyone wants to do, but it may be critical in order to survive in this type of business climate. 

If your business is struggling to get by, consider the following tips to help you put aside money for a rainy day, and get your business through the tough times. 

Re-evaluate Your Welcome Desk

Do you have an employee who staffs your welcome desk? Downsizing can be a very hard choice, but now may be the time to consider other alternatives to in-person greeters. There are several software options these days to make it easy to keep track of your members as they check in, and well-placed signage can assist potential members where to go once they walk in the door.  

Check Your Temperature

Thermostats are not the biggest thing on everyone’s mind these days, but they can help you save money when times are tight. During the warmer months, consider turning off or lowering the air conditioning. Training in a warmer environment (within reason) can reduce injuries caused by tight and cold muscles. In the colder months, consider closing doors to other rooms in your gym to keep the heat contained to the main workout space. Add in body heat while training, and you should be able to lower your heat setting safely. 

Finance New Equipment Purchases

Financing is a great way to get new equipment needed to help your gym succeed. Zebra’s trusted financing partner offers payment programs that meet your budget, credit profile, and purchasing goals. They allow you to obtain the equipment you need at a low monthly payment and with a payback period of up to 60 months! Zebra financing helps you: 

  • Free up capital to use on other expenditures 
  • Deduct payments from your taxes 
  • Build credit 
  • Classify payments as expenditures, not debt! 

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Invest in More Affordable Mats

Not every gym requires our top-of-the-line martial arts mats. If you are on a budget, and financing is not an option, Zebra offers high quality puzzle mats that are the economical choices for thousands of training spaces. 

  • Cut from an extra durable, dual density EVA foam 
  • 40in x 40in tiles 
  • Available in 4 double-sided color options 
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain 
  • Waterproof tatami surface 

Install Your Own Products!

Don’t pay a professional crew to install your mats and equipment! All Zebra products are easy for any DIYer to install. For information on mat cutting, product installation, and so much more, visit our resources library. 

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