Ninja Obstacles Tip: 3 Excellent Uses For Slant Steps

Slant steps are one of the most popular Ninja obstacle course products. These triangular items are a core building block in any Ninja obstacle course, and can also be used alone to help build agility, balance, and coordination. Here are three uses for these foundational Ninja items.

Cardio Workouts

Slant steps can be set up in several different layouts that allow students to leap from one slant step to another. This back and forth pattern is an effective and fun way to mix cardio into your warmup routine or at the end of the lesson.

Create Your Own Plyobox

The “slant” shape allows two steps to be stacked together to form a square. This is great for storage, but even better for use as a plyobox. Place both slant steps together to form a soft plyobox that students can use for plyo workouts. Two slant steps that form a box can also be used as another object in your Ninja obstacle course.

As a Push-Up Aid

Students often struggle with an exercise that’s the staple of any academy warm-up – push-ups. A slant step allows students to place their hands on the lowest side of the slant step, providing them with assistance in executing the push-up. If students prefer, they can also place their feet on the slant step for another way to make the push-up easier to do.

Bonus Tip: Use Them for Parkour

Slant steps are a great way to turn any Ninja obstacle course into a Parkour course. The angle of the steps allow students to use them as objects to assist in getting from one point to another or to flip off of. Slant steps can be traversed in dozens of different ways, and add an interesting twist to a Parkour course.


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