The Potential of E-Commerce for Gym Owners

Even as the internet and social media grow in leaps and bounds, many businesses have yet to grasp the revenue potential of e-commerce. They either consider it too much work or they are afraid to try it out.

Gym Owners are Embracing E-commerce

The Internet is really the best thing for a martial arts school owners to take advantage of. Most schools have a website, but the next step to growth is to add an e-store, which makes things more convenient for your customers and prospects. An online store creates a tremendous following of loyal customers. E-commerce goes beyond selling t-shirts and ball caps, it also stretches to retail promotion of your brand and training expertise.

It’s an Extension of Your Pro Shop

An e-store is simply an extension of your Pro Shop, and it allows you to have a more interactive website. It gives students another reason to come back to your site other than to check out the class schedule. One element to keep an eye on, however, is your inventory. You may need space to stock items, and you will need to monitor inventory on a more consistent basis to make sure you aren’t running out. It may require adding an additional employee to handle inventory, site management and shipping.

If you don’t have the space in your building for a Pro Shop, an e-store is the best way to garner the add-on sales that you’ve been missing out on.

You will be surprised how many more students will purchase products from your e-store than from your Pro Shop, not to mention people who aren’t even students who just think your stuff is cool and want to order it!

As you consider what products to offer, don’t forget e-gift certificates that the consumer can purchase and use for training at your gym.

E-Commerce Tips From the Pros

  • Take advantage of services like PayPal to simplify the buying process
  • Update your e-store content and products regularly, and include a monthly special
  • Utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram) to promote your e-store

We have built a successful online business and website. Check out our store for ideas on how to market and sell products at your gym.