Preparing Your Gym For the Winter Months

Winter is almost here, and in most parts of the country, that can mean everything from snow to rain to freezing temperatures and months of mud. How do you prepare your gym for the upcoming months of challenging weather?

Coat Hangers/Hooks

Nothing is worse than piles of coats by the door, or coats taking up precious locker and cubby space. If you live in a colder climate, make sure you have a rack for coats with plenty of hangers. If this isn’t available or you don’t have enough space, you can add several rows of hooks (removable if necessary) to allow your students to remove their outer layers when they come in the door.

Buff Up Your Shoe Area

It’s common practice to remove shoes when entering the gym, but winter adds a whole other layer to the usual shoe storage space. Consider adding temporary plastic trays or other easy to clean surfaces for snowy boots that take up additional space.

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Just as you expand your shoe area, add to your entrance rugs. Give students extra space to clean off snow, rain, and mud from their shoes before storing them to allow for a cleaner shoe area. Consider a path of entry rugs to move traffic from the door further into the space to prevent a jam near the door as students take longer to remove boots and heavier footwear. This will also save on heating costs by making sure students move in and out of the door quickly instead of causing a pile up in an open door.