zebra 1 inch puzzle mat in gymzebra 1 inch puzzle mat in gym

1″ Zebra Puzzle Mats

The Quick, Easy, and Economical Mat Solution


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Zebra Puzzle Mats are an inter-locking mat system that is a quick, easy, and economical way to mat your entire training space. Cut from an extra durable, dual density EVA foam (Inner: 4 lbs. per cu. ft. / Outer: 6 lbs. per cu. ft.) each 40in x 40in puzzle mat is double-side (one color on one side, and another on the other), comes with two border strips, and is waterproof.

The 1in Zebra Puzzle Mat is designed specifically for stand-up martial arts training. The dual density foam provides firm, sure-footed support for stepping and kicking frills, shock absorption adequate for jumping and controlled takedowns, and has a light tatami surface (rice straw texture) which simulates the surface of the top-tier traditional tatami Zebra Mats.

Installation of Zebra Puzzle Mats is highly accessible to the DIYer, as they require no special tools, chemicals, or adhesives, and the interlocking seams virtually disappear once installed.

Contact us for volume discounts on quantities of 50 or more!

Features & Specs

Each mat measures 1 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 39.375″) or about 10.75 square feet

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

Who's Using This

Pyramid Karate

Zen Martial Arts

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