zebra 1 5/8 inch puzzle mats - all colors - fanzebra 1 5/8 inch puzzle mats - all colors - fan

10 x 10 Puzzle Mat Area (Grappling)




The 10 x 10 home gym is a great starter pack for you to keep your training going in your own home and the perfect start to building the home gym of your dreams! Zebra’s 1 5/8″ puzzle mats are a great option for practicing all types of martial arts at home. The mats’ waterproof outer surface is firm enough for the sure footing needed in striking arts, while the softer inner core provides enough cushioning for the throws and takedowns of grappling arts and MMA. The interlocking puzzle pieces make for easy installation and come with border strips to create a nice, clean edge.

Several different color combinations allow you to customize your mats to fit your space and design.

Features & Specs

Each mat measures 1 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 39.375″) or about 10.75 square feet.

The 10′ x 10′ mat area is made up of nine (9) puzzle mats.

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